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I’ll start with the wonderful life we had

I’ll start with the wonderful life we had on a 60 acre piece of land in southwest Washington. The house was 100 plus year old Victorian home. We had a dutch barn,it had been built with very old growth timber.  A potable water creek than ran thru the middle of the property. The creek emptied into the Grays River. (named after Robert Gray). We were located 2 miles from the Columbia River. The land had sat unattended for more than 20 years when we purchased it. Much of it was over grown with three things, Blackberries, Alder and grass.

During the summer months you could hear the ground giving up water. In the quiet early morning hours the pop, pop, pop, of water bubbling up out of the ground  could be heard. The wildlife roused at sunset and stirred till dawn. On a quiet summer evening it sounded like a city stirring, with the amount of wildlife moving. You could hear the rustle of rodents in the dry grass. the sound of sticks breaking as elk and deer wandered thru the woods and even a bear crashing through brush with grunts and snorts. By day a person could watch an eagle glide by the tops of trees, snapping off that perfect branch for her new nest. Up the street the tree limbs could be full of eagles waiting for their sardine meal to arrive.  Depending upon the run of sardines, the branches of the trees would bend with the weight of the amount of eagles roosting.

Many a morning would awaken with sparkle of diamonds and jewels in the trees, after an evening rain. The sun would make an appearance in these early hours to shine on the drops of water dripping off the trees. The prism of color would glisten and sparkle in the new dawning light. An occasional and I mean occasional red wolf would traipse along the tree line across the street.

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The land we lost….

Our story starts with the life style. It was a paradise it was the dream. The dream of many Americans that life would be good. Get some land out in rural America. Grow some food do what you want. What we did not know is something else had been planned for our land. Something that many American people cannot even imagine could happen to them. Life was good for many years. Our children were young they had the freedom to be children. running outside with the wildlife. Catching frogs and salamanders even hummingbirds. The carefree life that children should live.

Many people may read this blog a lose interest and even poo, poo, the idea of what happens many may think wow how can that happen in America and many may say yes thats exactly what should happen. I will soon begin with what our life was like…..