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4th of July on The farm

4th of July on the farm could be a warm a wonderful night or a cold and cloudy spitting rain. Often the rain would stop just before dark, leaving the ground damp. What else would you get in a rain forest.

I do remember one really wonderful 4th, among many others. The tent was set up and the fire pit was filled with wood. the sun was shining and warm. The kids played all day swimming in the pool, driving the sit-n-ride lawn mower around the field with his sister on her electric car following. When not in the pool, the rope swing was in high gear. Our mastiff, busy watching after both kids. Playing with them and laying in the sun watching all the time. The chickens a permanent fixture on the landscape, bust scratching for bugs , nipping at the grass and ruffling their feathers. My daughter always at the ready to collect eggs immediately after a hen emerges from the coop.  During the summer always included the rescue of a hummingbird almost daily. The little birds would be enticed onto the sun porch by  a cactus flower. Flying into the porch yet not able to exit. The chirp, chirp, chirp of the hummingbird,  would bring my daughter from anywhere in the yard, to do her task, to rescue the little bird. Safely in her hands,  she would step out the door, open her hands, to have the little bird perch on her hand untill shooing  it away. Chirping as it flew into a nearby tree. Often times returning to the porch two or three times in a day.

As dinner time  rolled around, the fire was started. Hotdogs roasted on a freshly cut alder stick.  Filled with dogs and warmed by the fire, back into the pool for some more swimming, until the night air-cooled.. Back to the fire for roasting marshmallows and lighting fireworks.

A sheet of plywood leveled by bricks, the stage for the firework display. My son,the oldest,  would light the fireworks(with a little help from dad). My kids would take their time with each one, enjoying the show and stretching out the time it took to light them all.  As the evening wore on, my little one trying her darndest to stay awake, would succumb,  to the fresh air, late hour and fun-filled day, to sleep in my arms. Putting her in her sleeping bag in the tent. My son would soon follow, into the tent, snuggle into his bag and be fast asleep.

My husband and I would enjoy the peace and quiet by the fire. Watching the stars and reminiscing the days events.  Taking pleasure in our parenthood and the feats of each child and how they were growing and changing each day. In the background the coyote song and frog symphony at play.

A 4th of July to remember and cherish.

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