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Who is saying this???

1)”I think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because I actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody’s got a shot.”

2)All States and all people shall cooperate in the essential task of eradicating poverty as an indispensable requirement for sustainable development, in order to decrease the disparities in standards of living and better meet the needs of the majority of the people of the world.

3)”For too long, federal policy has actually encouraged sprawl and congestion and pollution, rather than quality public transportation and smart, sustainable development.  And we’ve been keeping communities isolated when we should have been bringing them together.”

4)The right to development must be fulfilled so as to equitably meet developmental and environmental needs of present and future generations.

5)To provide leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.

WHO DO YOU THINK IS SAYING EACH STATEMENT?? Give me your opinion in a comment….

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22 years ago today…

English: Tokeland Hotel, Tokeland, Washington,...
English: Tokeland Hotel, Tokeland, Washington, USA. The oldest resort hotel in the state of Washington, the building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: View of Astoria, Oregon, a wood engra...
English: View of Astoria, Oregon, a wood engraving published in Harper’s Weekly, May 30, 1868. Category:Images of Oregon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

22 years ago today we were married in Bethel Chapel in Issaquah Washington. The day was not cold it was overcast and there were a little light sprinkles. The only flaw in the day was my soon to walk down the aisle groom cut himself trying to open a window in the mens rooms of the church.


Our first-born just turned 21 exactly 2 weeks ago and our second one is finishing high school in her senior year.


22 years ago we started looking for a life not a drag living in a city. Our first stop on our honeymoon was the end of Lake Chelan ( Stehekan )in a cabin, overlooking the lake.


Our second stop was Tokeland, Wa.  on Willapa Bay. This is where we first read about the UN Earth Summit. We really did not realize how this would affect our life to come.


We spent time driving around south-west Washington seeing the area. It was the second week of October. We went to Astoria Oregon one night, the weather was so nice we could not believe it. We had 76 degree weather at 8 o’clock at night.


During this time we decided we would find a place to buy on the Washington side of the Columbia river.


We never thought we would live the journey that we have and you have just read about a small amount of this journey.


Read the rest of my posts to see……


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A lifetime of Wonder….

The wonders you see as you sit and drink in the scenery even if it is raining, 6 inches in 24 hours. The sights and sounds of a rain forest during hours of rain are very peaceful. The escape from technology, hustle, bustle and continuing demands on one’s life in the city.  Just imagine no cell phones to disturb your thoughts. No computers constantly calling to you to check in. No sirens to remind you of the potential of good and bad. No screeching tires of the unruly untamed and maybe even the criminal.

Looking into the eyes of God….. The green of each and every tree.  The different designs in each leaf vein. The tangle of branches, even in their chaotic order there is a pattern. The swaying of leaves and trees in a slight breeze. The dance that takes place in a blowing storm.

The tranquility that takes place after a storm  The clouds break and the birds come alive with song. The scurrying of mice and squirrel.  The fresh smell of earth and trees and plants in every season.  The chickens come to life clucking and crowing. The bugs emerge and give them the nourishing treat they seek. The grass straightens as water evaporates from each blade.

As the sun starts to sink into the west the deer and elk come alive bugling to their young.  The coyote and red wolf sounding off in the tell-tale high-pitched voice. I remember a time when the coyote yelping was bothering me  I decided I would yelp back at them. Mick (our mastiff) picked up on my irritation and sounded off also. He did not really bark . He gave a guttural sound coming from deep down in his chest. As soon as he finished the coyote all quieted. I yelped again to see if the noise coming from Mick actually stopped the coyote. Not a sound from them was heard. As a matter of fact the next sound from them I heard was from further away. I looked at Mick told him he was a great dog. He made one more guttural sound  and lay down. He had satisfactorily sent the coyote packin’.

In time I learned to bugle at the elk and deer. I would step out in the early evening in the fall and bugle at the deer or elk and they would bugle back. Mick would be at my side laying down listening.

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More untouchable subject…

The ecology groups do not want you to know that your tax dollars are being used to extricate people from the land. The Agenda 21 project all over the country is just their, (meaning the US ecology groups), way of implementing the UN charter of saving the planet and doing sustainable development. The plan is to educate everyone right down to, children in preschool, on how we must put land in conservation. Get the common man off the land so  the greater good can save the planet. The greater good is only known by these people getting government grants to accomplish the goal.

During the Clinton administration the largest Endangered species act (ESA)ever was passed. It was for the fish. Salmon specifically.  This opened up lots of taxpayer money. The money crosses lots of projects, air quality, water quality, parks and recreation, habitat restoration, habitat conservation, biologic diversity, sustainable development, forest quality, regulations, pollution control the tax dollar fingers go along way. I am sure I have missed some but you get the idea.

More than a century ago the  Columbia river  was a primary fishing venue, shipping salmon to San Fransisco.  There were  barns, on sand bars, in the middle of the river. During salmon season they would drag nets with the horses. The salmon would be  4 feet long a 80 pounder was not uncommon. Old stories of the amount of returning fish, state that you could walk across the river on the fish.

The Fish Hatchery spoof…

I wrote for a local paper at the time I was covering a meeting  about the closing of a horse camp. The camp was used to park horse trailers and ride into the willapa hills from.  The dirt road to the camp was along a creek.  The agenda of the meeting was to talk about the reason for the closure of the camp. The consensus of the GO’s and NGO”S was, the silting in the creek was being caused by the vehicle traffic. This silting was endangering the spawning salmon.

The monies for the endangered species act had just cut loose. The attendees were, US fish & wildlife (USFW), WA Dept of fish &wildlife (WDFW), army corp of engineers, duck unlimited, Wa. Parks and recreation, Dept of natural resources (DNR), Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board (LCREF) and Columbia Land Trust. There were probably more organizations representation at this meeting, than there were citizen concerned about leaving it open.  All of these people in one way or another were paid by taxpayer dollars

At one point, a statement from one of these organizational people told the attendees,  there were no salmon in the Willapa Bay estuary. Unbelievable, Willapa bay estuary is a primary salmon estuary.  Even more unbelievable, when a citizen spoke up and asked why then were they “cattle prodding them” as we speak.

The cattle prodding was not the only thing they were doing. They would prod them and then use a baseball bat on them. They could not let the clipped fin fish spawn. When the clipped fin fish came up the river they became wild fish The returning salmon numbers went up. These numbers then show that the fish hatchery program is working. If the hatchery program is working then money starts to dry up for the studies and acquisitions and anything extra.

These people doing the killing of these fish are the same people teaching children that a commercial fishermen is a murderer.

A commercial fisherman cannot keep a non-clipped wild stock salmon. If they do catch them they have to revive them and set them free. If a commercial boat is caught by the officials with a wild native non-clipped salmon they are fined big time and or jailed.

Salmon released from a fish hatchery are clipped. The Adipose fin is clipped, in order to identify a returning hatchery fish. This will allow them to count them and show that the hatchery program is or is not successful at restoring fish numbers.

The flip side to this, they can’t let the hatchery fish spawn. If the hatchery fish spawn, the young salmonids become wild salmon. You say that’s good. Yep it is good, but, they say it is “NOT good the numbers of wild salmon go up the money for restoration goes down. When it comes to government money “use it or lose it”. The next round of grant money won’t look as good. In their eyes, the need for the hatchery program could dwindle if wild salmon start to return in ever increasing numbers.

Today you have fish hatcheries, on the tributaries of the Columbia. Migration to Sea – The newly emerged fry immediately begin downstream migration to marine waters. When the fry first enter saltwater they assemble in small schools and reside close to shore to avoid predators. As the young fish grow, they gradually move to deeper waters and generally migrate towards open ocean waters. Mortality during this early marine life period are primarily the result of predation by birds and other fish species.

At the hatchery the fry have been fed by human hand. (top fed) The easiest way is to throw the feed into the pond.   The fry get  conditioned to the shadow on the surface and the appearance of food.    Once they are released, they follow a shadow on the surface and shoot for the surface.  Out in the Columbia there are two islands (Rice and Sand Islands) that were created by dredge spoils from the shipping channel in the river. This island has the biggest  colonies of Caspian terns and double-crested cormorants in the world. The terns eat salmonids. They fly down on the surface and create a shadow. This shadow is similar to the feed flying thru the air. The fry (salmonid) expecting feed , swim right up and land right in the mouth of a tern. Flocks of terns gobble up the salmonid. Few make it out to sea to survive the migration around the pacific rim and back to their home in Washington.

I think the people who thought it would be smart to throw the food to the salmonid did not think of the predator waiting to gobble up the salmon.

Us non educated shall not point out the fallacy in this kind of thinking.   After all they are the educated, they are the one’s that know better how to take care of the planet. They are the biologist that learned how to do this. They read it in a book, they even saw it on the internet, maybe even Facebook. Lets not point out the common sense in restoring salmon, that was born in a fish hatchery, that feeding from above might just set these salmonids up for peril.

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Where were you on 911?

English: Panorama of Portland, Oregon, United ...
English: Panorama of Portland, Oregon, United States in 1890. Mount Hood in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I awoke early that morning to the radio. I am accustomed to hitting the snooze button. After I hit the snooze button I realized what was being said. I tried in, my dreamy sleep, to turn the radio back on. Failing, I shot out of bed and ran into the TV room and turned on the TV. The picture before me shocked me. I was watching a picture of the first tower going down. My first thought was “not today”.

You see, we were getting up early, to head to Vancouver, to be the first e-file in Washington State for bankruptcy…

Always remember The reason..the people.. the devastation. The historical facts. We need to remember how and why our country came together on that day.

We entered the lawyer’s office and were seated told that our attorney was running late. As our attorney walked in he was in just a little shocked. You could see it on his face. He proceeded to tell me that he had just found out what happened. He went for his morning jog. His first order of business was to stop at the courthouse to file some papers. He thought it was eerily quiet. He walked up to the door to find that it was chained closed. He found out what happened when he walked into his office, just before joining us in his office. He told us that our e-file would take place the next day because of what happened. rightly so.

One moment I remember that day. We planned to stay Vancouver for the night. As we traveled thru that day, because of the proximity to Portland Oregon, The fighters flew over head. Every half hour that day a military fighter flew overhead. Something we found out later i, that every major city in the country was being monitored by our armed forces.

The thing I find interesting is no one really knows what is going on. The young kids I talked with today that were in their youth, during 911, think that we were hit by a foreign country. They compare it to Pearl Harbor. The understanding is that we are at war with a country. We are really at war with a faction.  A faction that has plans to do away with any christian nation not to mention the Jewish nation also. This faction really think that we the Americans need to submit and accept their rule.

I have rambled enough about this day to remember 911. We must pray. We must thank GOD we have a free society. We should no longer look to the government for answers to our own lives in this free society.

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Where are all the tree huggers and activists????

English: Northern Spotted Owl (Strix occidenta...
English: Northern Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis caurina). Six Rivers National Forest, NW California  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I work for a large retailer and think it is quite fascinating that no activist is on them about waste. With all of the recycling programs and save the planets nuts out there they do no not talk about the amount of cardboard, plastic, Styrofoam that is used in packaging any thing to sell. I do a lot of stocking freight and find the amount of card board overwhelming. The spotted owl was a way to save the trees. The controlled logging was a way to end cutting trees. The shutting down of logging roads and access was a way to save the health of trees. On the flip side the groups(you know who you are) will protest till the cows come home about clear cut logging but they will never touch the end user of that product. The consumer. This consumer is in the way of manufactures that package the product for resale. They then put it into other packaging to send to next corporation and so on a so on. Yet you never see them getting up in arms about the amount of cardboard and plastic used by these middle giants. Drive by a big box store on any given week and you will see bails and bails of cardboard waiting to be disposed of in some manner. Now they will tell you that it is going back to be made into cardboard again. Is it really?

Why is every thing put into a box and then into another box. Why is there so much cardboard put into making one of those snazzy displays that might only be in your local store for a couple of days.

The very same people that will protest the use of this or that, in the environment, will not give up their own instant gratification consumerism. It had better be in the store when I want it. They will be willing to watch a whole family be destroyed. Their land taken away. So what! But if the local retailer does not have the product they want they will cry, pout, shout the roof tops off of the building because they did not get what they wanted when they wanted it.

The very same people will not throw anything away for it might do something to the planet. Or they might not be seen as a good person, their neighbors might not like them. But that’s okay they have a lot of Likes on Facebook. If of course you throw nothing away but no one is seeing you what are you, we have watched those shows before,  Hoarders  haven’t you.  That is a whole psychology subject in and of itself and we won’t discuss that problem.

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The untouchable subject….

I find really fascinating that not many people are paying attention let alone commenting on this subject. The subject is how the Eco (Ecology Groups) are just rounding up land all over this country and best of all using taxpayer money to do it. Oh yes everyone will tell you that all of it is not taxpayer money and yes we should take care of the planet, because after all they (?) know how to do it.

Now I ask you who is they? Why do they know how to take care of the planet better than a multi- generational farmer or rancher. Back some 30 some years ago The Nature Conservancy decided that ranchers in Colorado did not really know how to take care of the land. So, they decided that nominal ranches ( under 100 acres should be taken away and put under the conservator ship of themselves. They, meaning the Nature Conservancy and other such groups had the better education, knowledge and know how to take care of the land. They told the unsuspecting public that the cattle were destroying the land and it, needed to be put into conservation in perpetuity. This is an important point so pay attention.

Leap forward to approximately 2002 (30 some years later). I came across some information that described land you could BUY. Yes, purchase it for your own personal use, but there were stipulations to the purchase. You could buy 5 acres, you would be able to enjoy 5000 acres at your leisure. You could call down to a barn and have a horse readied for you to ride. When you were done you could return the horse to the barn and they would take care of the horse, free of charge because of course your purchased 5 acres. You could build, with the stipulation, that it was a “GREEN” approved house. You could even join in the cattle ranching enterprise if you were so inclined. Here’s the rub: The barn operations where Nature Conservancy employees, the approval for a “GREEN” house was thru Nature Conservancy and the cattle that were running the 5000 acres were owned by, yes you got it, The Nature Conservancy.

I ask you why kick the cattle ranchers off of their land, explain that the land would be saved in perpetuity and then later sell some of the land and operate a working cattle ranch on the very same land? In Perpetuity means: endless or indefinitely long duration or existence; eternity. definition from All land that is picked up by an ecology group is taken as perpetual conservation land and is not intended for resale by said group. The group purchasing the land is after all a NON-PROFIT organization. These groups are out to save land for themselves not the people They see as a religious thing to do. They see it as their duty to take it away from you because you own it. They see it as a parental right to the planet. They also see it as a guardianship to the animals. Since animals have no human voice they will speak for them.

These groups will always tell you they will not deal with unwilling sellers. but time and time again if they get away with it they will take it however they can. There is a network of people in this country that have an unlimited supply of money that will goo to great lengths to get land into the hands of their revered group of conservators.

There is a town really it is becoming a big city in southwest Washington that successfully  implemented a tax on its people. This tax money is given to the ecology groups in the area for its own use. Whether it be for “purchasing land” or purchasing development rights or rehabilitating habitat. It is freely given to them by the local government. Some people in this same town also feel that it is their religious duty to tithe 10% of their income to the local ECO group.

No one wants to touch this. If it does not happen in my back yard it ain’t happenin’ seems to be the prevailing attitude of many. People all over the country are waking up to the government failing us why are they not waking up to the real takings of land from the people.

More to come…..

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I must deviate..from the norm and tell a story!

I must deviate from my story to share a little something with you about something that sticks in my craw. The deviation is not to far from the ultimate point I will be making in my story, about losing American land, yet you must know just how it works ultimately. The systematized method of taking land and lifestyles.

The other day we were driving around a town looking at houses. Not for the reason of purchasing,  just to enjoy the architecture of old homes. Many yards and their landscaping with flowers and structures adds the character of every house. We do enjoy looking at the old Victorians , craftsmen and other types, thrown in each neighborhood. Some of the newer houses are nice, they seem to lack the character of the well-built older homes. Anyway back to my deviated point, we were driving around and found a big beautiful mansion. It appeared to have a wedding party enjoying the luxury of the facility.  The well manicured lawn gave the mansion a look of a centerpiece a portrait of the history  of such a jewel.   The wedding party added to the scene, children playing all dressed up in their finery. Gentlemen respectfully watching, as they played.  It was not hard to imagine, the home, owned by a prosperous gentleman in the late 1800’s.

Imported file
The mansion as it sits today in all its glory

Low and behold the next day, reading the Sunday paper there it was, the mansion. The city had put the mansion on the open market and four offers had been made. The mansion held an important history of the city and it had been purchased to avoid demolishing this old relic.  The city had held possession of the mansion for about 10 years and had invested a great deal of tax payer money. More renovation is required.  One offer was reasonable,  other offers were no where, near the total investment by taxpayers. One offer stood out, in my mind, raising a big red flag to me. The group appeared to be a Water Conservation Group.

Let me put the wording from the article in:

” We see the need for a center dedicated to catalyzing the efforts of multiple groups working in different parts of the human/natural landscape,” the group’s proposal states. “The center, for instance, might aid the city (  ) in supporting a group of citizens to assist in the focus on its current essential water conservation initiative,”

MIGHT?     WHAT?      Now can you tell me what exactly is planned for this mansion? Could you decipher THIS?  What is “human/natural landscape”? What exactly is it and how does it play into water conservation? Why would the water conservation, want to buy a mansion, that is used by so many, to make memories?  What does this historic mansion have to do with water conservation? And why would the tax payers fork out money to the water conservation district to buy the mansion again?

Frankly if you were to look at the United NationsRio Declaration on Environment and Development” and Agenda 21 you would start to see a pattern. The sustainable development and the environmental life saving programs are just ways to talk above your head and think that all these caring people are there to help you the citizen. If you really are a citizen of the United States and would love to keep the freedoms that we all share in this fine country, you might want to research the big picture and what it means to you in your town/city.

What I have just told you, gives a little taste of what I will be getting to in my story….. to be continued…..

If you have any comments on my questions or just a comment about unobtrusive statement you have read I would love to hear them?!