small community life

A lifetime of Wonder….

The wonders you see as you sit and drink in the scenery even if it is raining, 6 inches in 24 hours. The sights and sounds of a rain forest during hours of rain are very peaceful. The escape from technology, hustle, bustle and continuing demands on one’s life in the city.  Just imagine no cell phones to disturb your thoughts. No computers constantly calling to you to check in. No sirens to remind you of the potential of good and bad. No screeching tires of the unruly untamed and maybe even the criminal.

Looking into the eyes of God….. The green of each and every tree.  The different designs in each leaf vein. The tangle of branches, even in their chaotic order there is a pattern. The swaying of leaves and trees in a slight breeze. The dance that takes place in a blowing storm.

The tranquility that takes place after a storm  The clouds break and the birds come alive with song. The scurrying of mice and squirrel.  The fresh smell of earth and trees and plants in every season.  The chickens come to life clucking and crowing. The bugs emerge and give them the nourishing treat they seek. The grass straightens as water evaporates from each blade.

As the sun starts to sink into the west the deer and elk come alive bugling to their young.  The coyote and red wolf sounding off in the tell-tale high-pitched voice. I remember a time when the coyote yelping was bothering me  I decided I would yelp back at them. Mick (our mastiff) picked up on my irritation and sounded off also. He did not really bark . He gave a guttural sound coming from deep down in his chest. As soon as he finished the coyote all quieted. I yelped again to see if the noise coming from Mick actually stopped the coyote. Not a sound from them was heard. As a matter of fact the next sound from them I heard was from further away. I looked at Mick told him he was a great dog. He made one more guttural sound  and lay down. He had satisfactorily sent the coyote packin’.

In time I learned to bugle at the elk and deer. I would step out in the early evening in the fall and bugle at the deer or elk and they would bugle back. Mick would be at my side laying down listening.

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