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The power of the lie…

We as humans are not born to LIE. We do not have a genetic disposition to lie. We do not have some inner thing that tells us to lie, when we are born. As we grow and become talkers that is when the lie starts. The big LIE is taught.

As children we learn to lie to get things. Instant gratification. We learn to lie to get out of things. Like trouble, work and doing things we do not want to do.  Each generation allows a little more deceit.

God was taken out of the schools. Now there is no moral code against anything. Liars get rewarded. Good kids get ignored.

The moral compass of our country is appalling to think about. The president himself is a liar. So of course why can’t little Johnny lie too. A leader of anything whether it is a project at school, work or in the community, does not have to lie. But sadly enough most of Americans have been taught it is okay to lie just a little it won’t hurt. What has this done for our young generation.

Come on parents! Practice what you preach. Don’t follow the mantra “do as I say not as I do!” Kids emulate what parents are. You want them to be better kids, show them a better parent.

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Costumes not allowed…

Could someone please tell me what  a “white trash”  costume is? The PC police are at it again. They just have to be defensive about even the most minute injury to someone anyone. The PC (politically correct. Just need to get a life. Do you think our founding fathers had to think about what not to say before they said it. There is not enough truth in PC’ism.

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The Columbia River mitigation…

In 1999 An announcement was made that the Columbia river could be dredged if 1200 acres of ditched and diked flood plain was returned to the lower Columbia estuary. This is an example of mitigation and  mitigation banking. In order to disturb a wetland an equal amount of land must be preserved.(in a nutshell)


The Columbian

Wednesday, March 22, 2000
Columbian staff writer

The Columbia Land Trust has been awarded almost $1 million to buy and restore wetlands on the lower Columbia River.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service allotted $999,000 to let the Vancouver-based land trust buy more than 1,500 acres of wetlands and associated upland habitat and to restore and enhance more than 4,400 acres of wetlands.

Ducks Unlimited, a partner in the project, will design and restore the wetlands.

Highlights include buying a 900-acre estuarine marsh along the Chinook River, restoring more than 2,000 acres at the Julia Butler Hansen Wildlife Refuge near Cathlamet and restoring the 1,817-acre Smith and Bybee Lakes wildlife area in Portland.

Glenn Lamb, the trust’s executive director, called the lands some of the most significant habitat for waterfowl, shorebirds and wading birds in the lower Columbia.

Other sites for work include the Grays River, Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, Shillapoo Lake, Eagle Island on the North Fork of the Lewis River, Sauvie Island wildlife area, Deer Island and private lands in Oregon’s Clatsop County.

The grant announced this week is by far the biggest ever received by the land trust, a non-profit organization that works with landowners on voluntary land conservation projects.

Deeper shipping channel

A large, almost rectangular black ship with a red hull creates a mild wake as it moves away from the shore into a very large river. Smoke rises above its decks, which are cluttered with antennas, mechanical fittings, and what appear to be self-contained rooms with multiple windows.

The Essayons, one of three Army Corps of Engineers dredges tasked with ongoing maintenance of the Columbia’s shipping channel, began service in 1983.[100]

Efforts to maintain and improve the navigation channel have continued to the present day. In 1990 a new round of studies examined the possibility of further dredging on the lower Columbia. The plans were controversial from the start because of economic and environmental concerns.[101]

In 1999, Congress authorized deepening the channel between Portland and Astoria from 40 to 43 feet (12–13 m), which will make it possible for large container and grain ships to reach Portland and Vancouver.[102] However, the project has met opposition because of concerns about stirring up toxic sediment on the riverbed. Portland-based Northwest Environmental Advocates brought a lawsuit against the Army Corps of Engineers, but it was rejected by the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in August 2006.[103] The project includes measures to mitigate environmental damage; for instance, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers must restore 12 times the area of wetland damaged by the project.[102] In early 2006, the Corps spilled 50 US gallons (190 L) of hydraulic oil into the Columbia, drawing further criticism from environmental organizations.[104]

Work on the project began in 2005 and concluded in 2010.[105] The project’s cost is estimated at $150 million. The federal government is paying 65 percent, Oregon and Washington are paying $27 million each, and six local ports are also contributing to the cost.[102][106]

The Army Corps of engineers gave Columbia Land Trust $1 million dollars to start this process.

From Wikipedia..

Environmental mitigation, compensatory mitigation, or mitigation banking, are terms used primarily by the United States government and the related environmental industry to describe projects or programs intended to offset known impacts to an existing historic or natural resource such as a stream, wetland, endangered species, archeological site or historic structure. To “mitigate” means to make less harsh or hostile. Environmental mitigation is typically a part of an environmental crediting system established by governing bodies which involves allocating debits and credits. Debits occur in situations where a natural resource has been destroyed or severely impaired and credits are given in situations where a natural resource has been deemed to be improved or preserved. Therefore, when an entity such as a business or individual has a “debit” they are required to purchase a “credit”. In some cases credits are bought from “mitigation banks” which are large mitigation projects established to provide credit to multiple parties in advance of development when such compensation cannot be achieved at the development site or is not seen as beneficial to the environment. Crediting systems can allow credit to be generated in different ways. For example in the United States, projects are valued based on what the intentions of the project are which may be to restore, create, enhance, or preserve a natural resource.

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Grays River flood and Katrina similarities…

The flood waters receded about 5 days later. We found out that the community well was wiped out in the flood. The Grays river jumped its banks and spread out about 2 miles wide. When the river sought a new route it stranded a family with a new baby. The coast guard came in and rescued them. The coast guard originally told the family they could only take needed essentials, they would have to leave their dogs. The owners refused to do this so their dogs were rescued with them. The river  split and went to both sides of the house leaving the house and a small part of the yard above water. The reason this happened may boggle your mind.

The story starts several years before. The Grays river(see crude diagram)had been eroding the bank of a curve just passed the house. The community got together with all of the appropriate organizations to fix the eroding bank. They lined up the excavator the rip-rap gravel.The people the permits and all. The day they were set to fix the bank. The equipment was delivered the trucks waiting with the gravel. They were set to start working just waiting for the army corp guy to show withe permit so they could get started.

diagram one grays river jumping banksMr army corp shows up and says “you need to shut the job down”. The reason he gave is because all of their permits were not in order. Which one?  Mr. Army corp announces that he just decided not to sign the permit. He had the permit on his desk for three months. He announces that it was still sitting on his desk. “Shut it down!”

Disbelief on everyone’s mind, they shut it down.  That night the rains came in a torrential down pour. All night long. The water saturated ground just poured the water down to the lowland and into the river. The grays swelled, and jumped it;s banks. Taking out the community well and surrounding the family in their house. A Coast guard evacuation required and a community with no drinkable water.

Sound like Katrina. Jump forward 9 years to a devastating hurricane on the gulf. The major flooding to the worst areas in New Orléans, were flooded by the dyke failing on Lake Pontchartrain 17th Street Canal levee and the London Avenue Canal. The storm surge did it’s damage but the dyke breaking allowed the lake to enter neighborhood in New Orléans. You know the story people stranded on top of house needing evacuation by the Coast guard and other emergency personnel.

What was never revealed in the mainstream media was years before Permits were submitted by the army corps of Engineers to the EPA. The EPA sent them back telling them that the I” were not dotted and the T’s were not crossed. Army corps needed to do this and then resubmit the permits. They never resubmitted the permit. The money was acquired for the project to shore up the dykes but were never done.

See the similarities?!!!


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Water birth and dealing with floods…….

1995-1996 was a year of non stop rain and storms. We would watch the weather and storm after storm hit the Oregon and Washington coast. I was pregnant, that year, with our second child. I awoke one morning, it was quiet and still raining. Not just rain it was pouring. A walk outside would drench you. I was accustom to looking out the bathroom window. From this window I could see the barn and the fields below the house. Still shaking the sleep from my eyes All I saw was a tan-nish brown. Thinking to myself it was odd to see all one color. Normally looking out the window I would see the grass and bulrush in their winter finery, at rest with differing shades of brown. This particular morning the field looked odd in one complete shade of tan-nish brown. Looking more closely the surface was rippling and moving, not swaying like grass, but moving like a current.  I realized the field was covered with muddy brown water.

Now most women would panic with this revelation. I was 2 weeks from my due date, give or take a week. I knew if water was in our fields, then the road out to the main highway would also be under water. We were flooded in.

When my husband awoke, I told him the fields were underwater. His suggestion to me, “we could get the water trough from the barn” fill it with water and do the water birth right at home. My answer to him was “I don’t think so”.

We had talked to others who had lived in the area a long time and were told of a women who had been transported in a row-boat, while in labor, out to the highway.

Later in the day we drove down, and found out the whole Grays River was running thru our fields. Up stream from us the dyke had broken allowing the river to flow freely thru 3 properties.

The sight of the water running across the road onto our field was both exciting and a warning. Watching the power of the current and the deafening noise of the flowing water, reminds you that, a human life can be completely insignificant. The power of nature shows that humans are not in control. We as humans cannot control anything nature will do.

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Our Land, We pay for it…

I am sick and tired of hearing about our memorials and parks being barricaded by this so called government. Why aren’t more people shouting from the house tops about the parks and monuments being closed due to a government shut down. The parks and memorials were paid for by tax payers (you and I). They are maintained by taxpayers(you and I). Our constitution allows us (taxpayers to stand up and tell the government what we the taxpayers want. After all you and I pay their salaries.

The parks and monuments are mostly open air, why are they barricaded?  This administration is thumbing their noses at you and I. The politicians are thumbing their noses at you and I. They are dysfunctional. They are acting like children on the playground fighting over a ball. I do believe “women and children have been put in charge”. It’s in the, bible look it up. This is no accusation against women. It refers to the emotionalism. If this is not balanced it will lead to dysfunctional behavior.

None of this is about Obamacare. None of this is about which side is right. None of this is about party politics. It is all about stubborn insubordinate children getting their own way. Their own way is what each and everyone of them can get for their bank account or what favor someone will do for them.

The people with the money always blame the consuming American, what about them. The instant gratification of our politicians has run a muck. The entitlement of our politicians has gone way past what the American people are. The complaint about the price the politician has to pay for a meal is childish,egotistical, narcissistic, greedy.

The so called adults on the hill have become like children acting mature. Key word acting . They are playing a big game and doing nothing. They want more but do not want anyone else to get it. It is money and prestige and POWER has completely corrupted.

This whole mess with the government shut down is just another way for government to destroy the American way, our constitution and have us the people that pay them accept anything the politician does and says. This another destruction of our lives.

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

 Adolf Hitler quotes (German Chancellor, leader of the Nazi party, 18891945)

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The answers to “Who is saying This”

Barack Obama

1)”I think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because I actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody’s got a shot.”

United Nations Earth Summit Policy

2)All States and all people shall cooperate in the essential task of eradicating poverty as an indispensable requirement for sustainable development, in order to decrease the disparities in standards of living and better meet the needs of the majority of the people of the world.

Barack Obama

3)”For too long, federal policy has actually encouraged sprawl and congestion and pollution, rather than quality public transportation and smart, sustainable development.  And we’ve been keeping communities isolated when we should have been bringing them together.”

United Nations

4)The right to development must be fulfilled so as to equitably meet developmental and environmental needs of present and future generations.

Agenda 21

5)To provide leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.

Do you think Barack Obama, is saying the Mantra of the day to suit the UN or do you think he really believes what he is saying?

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Obama Complies with Agenda 21 and Expands Federal Power

Read about the Agenda 21 compliance I have given the link to open so you can read the full impact yourself.

Obama Complies with Agenda 21 and Expands Federal Power.

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The beginning of the nightmare on Grays River…

We had been on the farm for a couple of years and were looking at drowning under doctor bills. My husband and I started talking about contacting the environmental groups about selling the development rights to our 60 acres.  To do so we would have to contact any ecology group to see if they would be interested.

I was very reluctant to do so. I had a father that worked in facilities at Boeing and knew all the hoops they had to jump thru to acquire a piece of property . In some cases they would buy a piece and find out that the ecology (save the…now bunch) would tie up the property in litigation. The ecology groups would not allow building due to a Heron nesting, or an eagle feeding or a duck squatting or a horse flying or some other thing or another that might or might not be on the endangered list. I had followed the tree huggers, the mother earthers, the hippie throw backs, the recycle fanatics and all the rest. Doing their sit ins or tree hanging or protesting just to protest (yeah man we’re livin’ the dream), the property destruction, Eco-terrorism and  whatever else they do. I had also followed the whole Global warming, ecology now, greenhouse gas threat,  the coming ice age, the endangered species spotted owl. Of course the country forgot about the spotted owl for a time, because of global warming, but the spotted owl is back in the news. Looks like the experts think killing off another species of owl will save the spotted owl. This is the thinking of the ever elite ecologist, biologist, geomorphologist and any other ‘ologist on the band wagon for saving the earth from what? The HUMAN!

Little did I know when we found the farm we were buying right in the middle of spotted owl country.