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Water birth and dealing with floods…….

1995-1996 was a year of non stop rain and storms. We would watch the weather and storm after storm hit the Oregon and Washington coast. I was pregnant, that year, with our second child. I awoke one morning, it was quiet and still raining. Not just rain it was pouring. A walk outside would drench you. I was accustom to looking out the bathroom window. From this window I could see the barn and the fields below the house. Still shaking the sleep from my eyes All I saw was a tan-nish brown. Thinking to myself it was odd to see all one color. Normally looking out the window I would see the grass and bulrush in their winter finery, at rest with differing shades of brown. This particular morning the field looked odd in one complete shade of tan-nish brown. Looking more closely the surface was rippling and moving, not swaying like grass, but moving like a current.  I realized the field was covered with muddy brown water.

Now most women would panic with this revelation. I was 2 weeks from my due date, give or take a week. I knew if water was in our fields, then the road out to the main highway would also be under water. We were flooded in.

When my husband awoke, I told him the fields were underwater. His suggestion to me, “we could get the water trough from the barn” fill it with water and do the water birth right at home. My answer to him was “I don’t think so”.

We had talked to others who had lived in the area a long time and were told of a women who had been transported in a row-boat, while in labor, out to the highway.

Later in the day we drove down, and found out the whole Grays River was running thru our fields. Up stream from us the dyke had broken allowing the river to flow freely thru 3 properties.

The sight of the water running across the road onto our field was both exciting and a warning. Watching the power of the current and the deafening noise of the flowing water, reminds you that, a human life can be completely insignificant. The power of nature shows that humans are not in control. We as humans cannot control anything nature will do.

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