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The power of the lie…

We as humans are not born to LIE. We do not have a genetic disposition to lie. We do not have some inner thing that tells us to lie, when we are born. As we grow and become talkers that is when the lie starts. The big LIE is taught.

As children we learn to lie to get things. Instant gratification. We learn to lie to get out of things. Like trouble, work and doing things we do not want to do.  Each generation allows a little more deceit.

God was taken out of the schools. Now there is no moral code against anything. Liars get rewarded. Good kids get ignored.

The moral compass of our country is appalling to think about. The president himself is a liar. So of course why can’t little Johnny lie too. A leader of anything whether it is a project at school, work or in the community, does not have to lie. But sadly enough most of Americans have been taught it is okay to lie just a little it won’t hurt. What has this done for our young generation.

Come on parents! Practice what you preach. Don’t follow the mantra “do as I say not as I do!” Kids emulate what parents are. You want them to be better kids, show them a better parent.

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