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Have a meeting to have a meeting…

Have you ever noticed that any organization whether it be government or private sector they have to have a meeting to have a meeting. I saw this start happening when I left the work world in the 90’s. We often would have meetings and then talk about who needed to have a smaller meeting. The explosion of this really took off in the late 90’s.

When we first moved to Grays River there was a meeting at the local grange hall. It was a meeting about the flooding in the Grays River valley and what to do about it.

I recall every ecology related group in attendance. The government groups running the meeting,  were asking what needed to be done, to stop or curb the flooding. Families that had been in the valley for generations,  knew what needed to be done to stop major flooding.

The lower portion of the Grays river emptied into the Columbia River. When the tide was in (or high) the river slowed and areas of the valley would flood. This would water fields. When the tide went out it would create a suction and pull all of the water out or off the land.

Then after the study the community would be told what could and could not be done.

This struck me as a tactic to wear down the community.

The community had been trying to get some relief from the flooding by having the mouth of the Grays river dredged. Dredging had been done before and It worked, it worked well.

What do you think came out of that meeting? You are right another meeting. But, there is always a but, The alphabet bunch had to have a study. A study to see the impact of the environment that dredging would cause. The study was an official $250,000 study. Then they would get back with the community and let them know. That was back in 1997. Do you think the mouth of the Grays River has been dredged yet?


Obama has never done what he says…

I have watched this man, that is called our president, since he came on the scene, when he spoke at the democratic convention. He was an up and coming savior of the dems. Every one thought he was some sort of spiritual answer to America. He has been everything else but a savior. I have maintained that everything that comes out of his mouth, from the day he was first sworn in, is always the opposite of what is actually done. Can you, a common sense American, identify anything that he has actually done what he said he would do. The only thing he has maintained, is to destroy the constitution, because it is an outdated document, in his eyes. The second thing he has maintained is trying to redistribute wealth.

He has a deep seated grudge against freedom and capitalism. He is one of the many victims that have required our society to dumb down and pander to the victim. He says he is a constitutional lawyer. He seems to have learned it, so he can do everything in his power to destroy it.

It does not even surprise me that he lied to the American people. He is one of the many people that grew up being told he was great, he was wonderful, he could do no wrong, he was such a GOOD boy, how could anyone think Barry could do anything bad. He presented a false self his whole life and believes some fantasy of who he is.

The most powerful man in the world is a LIAR. And the American people put him there. Should we as American people be ashamed? YES! Should the American people repent and turn the other way? You bet! Should we the American people apologize to our neighbors for putting such a man in the white house. YES!  No one should be ashamed of apologizing for doing so, but that means you must turn the other way and see the common sense method of fixing this great travesty.

Demand that our politicians see truth and work for you. Demand that politicians be HONEST! Demand that they work for us, the American people. Let them know that they can be fired by you and I if they break these demands. But you and I have to be honest,see truth and believe in the simple method of solving public problems.

No longer allow politicians to force a bill and law to be passed without reading what is in it. No longer allow the Pelosi mantra “pass the bill to find out what is in it”.

If you do not take these steps to be an active American, then you have no excuse to dislike what is going on in America. And if you don’t like America, and believe that we have too many freedoms, then Move. Go to the middle east, Europe, or China see how you like it then. If you don’t move then Shut up.

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Meeting my husband…

I was talking to a woman the other day , she told me I needed to write this story so here it is….

I was 30 years old and tired of the dating scene and the boy friend thing. The group I worked with would go out for happy hour every Thursday. One night I was really in my cups like all drunks do when they get just a little to inebriated. There was only a few of us left and I was asking where I was going to meet a neat guy. I got all of the normal suggestions: take a class(tried that), singles ad (tried that), go to church (did that).  I finally made the statement “Where am I going to find one, he just ain’t gonna walk up to my desk. What do you think happened?

Being in an office park a local gal started a neat business. She would carry a basket thru the office selling muffins, sandwiches, fruit, chips, etc. She had a pretty neat business and her route was expanding. She decided to hire someone to help her. Just before our Christmas vacation she brought her new employee in to introduce him to us. He was this tall strapping 40ish gentleman. I didn’t think much of it, I was leaving the next day for a long 3 week vacation in Hawaii.

When I returned from my vacation, tanned and rested, I was told to move some of my stuff over to the other side of the building (the layout of the office was a U shape with everyone having windows. I was on one end of the U and I would be working on the other end of the U. I settled in at my second desk and started the new project. Maintaining my files and work space at my first desk.

The deli man with the bell looked for me for about 4 months. He finally asked me out for coffee, cause he could not find the other gal. She was never at her desk, when he came in with his basket.

Our first date was June 6th we were married September 28th.  Short courtship.

After the honeymoon we were talking about how he looked for the other girl for a long time and finally asked me out. Well I say,  you married the girl you were looking for…!!!