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Meeting my husband…

I was talking to a woman the other day , she told me I needed to write this story so here it is….

I was 30 years old and tired of the dating scene and the boy friend thing. The group I worked with would go out for happy hour every Thursday. One night I was really in my cups like all drunks do when they get just a little to inebriated. There was only a few of us left and I was asking where I was going to meet a neat guy. I got all of the normal suggestions: take a class(tried that), singles ad (tried that), go to church (did that).  I finally made the statement “Where am I going to find one, he just ain’t gonna walk up to my desk. What do you think happened?

Being in an office park a local gal started a neat business. She would carry a basket thru the office selling muffins, sandwiches, fruit, chips, etc. She had a pretty neat business and her route was expanding. She decided to hire someone to help her. Just before our Christmas vacation she brought her new employee in to introduce him to us. He was this tall strapping 40ish gentleman. I didn’t think much of it, I was leaving the next day for a long 3 week vacation in Hawaii.

When I returned from my vacation, tanned and rested, I was told to move some of my stuff over to the other side of the building (the layout of the office was a U shape with everyone having windows. I was on one end of the U and I would be working on the other end of the U. I settled in at my second desk and started the new project. Maintaining my files and work space at my first desk.

The deli man with the bell looked for me for about 4 months. He finally asked me out for coffee, cause he could not find the other gal. She was never at her desk, when he came in with his basket.

Our first date was June 6th we were married September 28th.  Short courtship.

After the honeymoon we were talking about how he looked for the other girl for a long time and finally asked me out. Well I say,  you married the girl you were looking for…!!!

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