Obama has never done what he says…

I have watched this man, that is called our president, since he came on the scene, when he spoke at the democratic convention. He was an up and coming savior of the dems. Every one thought he was some sort of spiritual answer to America. He has been everything else but a savior. I have maintained that everything that comes out of his mouth, from the day he was first sworn in, is always the opposite of what is actually done. Can you, a common sense American, identify anything that he has actually done what he said he would do. The only thing he has maintained, is to destroy the constitution, because it is an outdated document, in his eyes. The second thing he has maintained is trying to redistribute wealth.

He has a deep seated grudge against freedom and capitalism. He is one of the many victims that have required our society to dumb down and pander to the victim. He says he is a constitutional lawyer. He seems to have learned it, so he can do everything in his power to destroy it.

It does not even surprise me that he lied to the American people. He is one of the many people that grew up being told he was great, he was wonderful, he could do no wrong, he was such a GOOD boy, how could anyone think Barry could do anything bad. He presented a false self his whole life and believes some fantasy of who he is.

The most powerful man in the world is a LIAR. And the American people put him there. Should we as American people be ashamed? YES! Should the American people repent and turn the other way? You bet! Should we the American people apologize to our neighbors for putting such a man in the white house. YES!  No one should be ashamed of apologizing for doing so, but that means you must turn the other way and see the common sense method of fixing this great travesty.

Demand that our politicians see truth and work for you. Demand that politicians be HONEST! Demand that they work for us, the American people. Let them know that they can be fired by you and I if they break these demands. But you and I have to be honest,see truth and believe in the simple method of solving public problems.

No longer allow politicians to force a bill and law to be passed without reading what is in it. No longer allow the Pelosi mantra “pass the bill to find out what is in it”.

If you do not take these steps to be an active American, then you have no excuse to dislike what is going on in America. And if you don’t like America, and believe that we have too many freedoms, then Move. Go to the middle east, Europe, or China see how you like it then. If you don’t move then Shut up.

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