small community life

Society of dysfuntion…

People are waking up all over the land, only to find our politicians have deceived us.  Why not. Why should people be so surprised at this fact. Hitler did it. The people were dissatisfied and he appeared to be the answer. We have a constitution that allows the people to stand up and state what is right and what is wrong. The problem with this is the Political Correct has warped the fact of right and wrong.

Right and wrong, good and evil, yes and no,  moral and immoral, ethical and unethical have all been turn around. The power of the lie. The power of evil is good and good is evil, etc., has been created by the lazy, the ineffectual the people who have been so-called hurt, in our society.

One of the big problems today, are the people,  that scream the loudest about the haves and “have-nots”. Why do those people have what they have? Why do those people not have what they have not?

The society of America should be ashamed of themselves people have been pandering to the victims.  It starts out with people that,  are offended. Then you can’t say certain things because it is against the law. Lawmakers believe that they should pander to the victim to save their

Politics is only about the dysfunction of saving themselves. It is not about what should be done for the people. It is not about what is good for the country. It is not about what constituents want. It is not about the RIGHT thing to do. It is not about the good thing to do. It is about what best way to get something for themselves. It is about glory. It is about fame. It is about winning. It is about being on top the big wig,the most looked up to. The need to get rich is not the motivating factor any more, even tho this is a large part of the dysfunction.

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