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The New Trade off Energy vs. Ecology…

No one ever talks about what happens to families and their lives. Just like the save the salmon on the Columbia river the sage Grouse will be the same thing. Big energy is just across the border in a neighboring state. The ecology faction has now swooped in and identified something that will or may be the savior of Montana land. These people feel that if one state has a threat against land then there needs to be a trade-off to save land.

The sage grouse is just the reason to take land from people that have had land in their family for generations. It matters not what these people have done for generations. It matters not what these people do on the land they love. It matters not what it will do to communities that may be struggling to make a living. If the organizations cannot convince people to sell their families land, they will regulate them and tax them off the land. All they need to do is get and endangered species act that encompasses a large area of a state.

Nominal tracts of land is what they will go after first, then they will prey on the bigger land owners to do their civic duty and donate the land. Then if they cannot tax them off the land or regulate them off the land they will eminent domain them off the land. All for the Agenda-21 direction in the name of stewardship in perpetuity and sustainable development.

Your question might be who is they?

Rocky Mountain Wild Homepage
These are just a few that will take the stage…

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