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Weighing in on Mudslide….

Mudslides are an act of God, YES. But there are man made disasters in the making. The “save the this and that bunch” have some of the best engineers, geo-science professionals on their payrolls. They know from all of the studies they do, that if they do certain things to the environment and geography that certain other things will happen. Then they can have plausible deniability on an act of GOD.

The worst part of this is the realtors that keep right on selling property that is in the zone of “save the this and that bunch” whether it be a slide zone, flood zone, hurricane zone, tsunami zone, etc.

What I know to be true is that realtors can be told first hand what is going to be done by these “save the this and that bunch” especially the save the salmon bunch and still not disclose the information to potential buyers. I have witnessed this first hand in Washington State.

There was a property that changed hands 3 times and each homeowner dealt with a problem worse each time. The save the salmon bunch kept making the problem worse until the last owner was flooded so bad that her house was no longer livable. The projects that were done on a neighboring property caused the flooding. But of course the save the salmon bunch made her out to be a loon.

The property flooded by an NGO (Columbia Land Trust)
The property flooded by an NGO (Columbia Land Trust)

The realtor knew what was happening and what would happen yet he kept right on selling the property to the next person. What happened to full disclosure? What happened to being a responsible fiduciary?

Realtors seem to think that it is not important enough to fully disclose the information and that they are untouchable in the eyes of the law. They are dealing with the most important CONTRACTS of a person’s life and yet they think that little things like a potential landslide is not important enough to disclose. Or a yearly freshet that will not allow you to your house for days on end is a trivial point. Or a saturated ground that cause trees to fall on your house is frivolous. These kinds of disclosed pieces of information would put a stop to them making money and that of course would not be appropriately sustainable.


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Public disclosure Stillaguamish and Grays River…

Just like the bureaucrats to know of a problem and purposely not fix it. But of course they did the proper studies and they announced the problem. They even told the public about the study. A meeting was held and at the meeting it was announced that a geomorphologist accomplished his study and his finding where that something will happen from the problem. The NGO’s and GO’s do this all of the time.

Now that I have confused you enough or given you an enigma let me tell you a story that will help put all these statements and questions into perspective.

First point of interest all someone must do is a report to the public. Like for instance to make something like a prenuptial agreement legal, activate the legality of the document you must publish it. Make it publicly disclosed.

On any study, done by public funds (tax payer dollars), the study must be published and disclosed to the public.

Now we come to the enigma. Certainly meetings are held to announce that the study has been accomplished and can be found on this or that website or you can pay to have it sent to you. Sounds good so far doesn’t it?

Well, bear with me, a little. When we were in our last months in the Grays River Valley, a study was done by a Geomorphologist. The purpose of the study according to the people living in the valley(those that were paying attention) was to define how the river will live.  The study was done in seeking solutions to the severe flooding that was taking place in the valley. I attended the meeting that announced the Geomorphologist findings.

The Geomorphologist took me aside at the conclusion of the presentation and told me his findings on the Grays River. He announced to me that the river will be “straightened out.” I do not know why he told me unless it was because I wrote for the local paper. I never put this in the local paper. If the river were to straightened out it would take out some homes and severely reduce the property of others. The flooding that will take place when the river does do this will be devastating. It would be okay to those in the know tho because a few homes are okay. It meets the greater good of restoring the salmon to the river. The restoration of salmon habitat is the most important factor. It does not really matter to the “save the whatever groups”. If it meets the need then it was needed to take out some homes.

As long as the report is published somewhere it absolves them of responsibility. After all they “told the public”. Even if the publication is obscure and unreadable with convoluted terms, nothing has to be straight forward.

Urban development is the biggest and worst threat to salmon recovery. This has been clearly stated in all  “salmon recovery plans” across the nation. All means to convince land owners that conservation is the key to sustainable development.

What they won’t tell you is that natural disasters work well in their plans. They have complete plausible deniability when a disaster takes place.

I recommend to anyone who wants to get to the bottom of this disaster that you research what land has been put into perpetuity for stewardship by an eco group.?




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Make everyone forget…..

The sad part about losing land to an ecology group, after fighting them for 4 years and getting no where. Even tho they had a grant approved, for the  asking price.  They send in a donor to buy the place which they did, then completely rearrange the place and remodel and build new and change everything. The color of the house, the plants around the house have been taken out completely. Big majestic trees have been cut down. You can no longer see the house from the street, there is a huge big *ss garage right in front. The fruiting majestic cherry tree in the back of the house has been butchered. The house has some new look to it. It is red and there are no longer out buildings near it. The old dutch barn has been flattened. No indication that it was even there.

Old Garage,  Trunk of the American Elm and Mick on the walkway to the house.
Old Garage, Trunk of the American Elm and Mick on the walkway to the house.

They did it right you might say. But what they did was wipe all memory of the big majestic house that was landscaped by master gardeners.

Azaleas in bloom in spring and holly tree. Rhodys just starting to bloom.
Azaleas in bloom in spring and holly tree. Rhododendrons just starting to bloom.

There is no evidence that the house had stood for 100 years. The big land mark yew bushes are gone.

Yew bushes in driveway
Yew bushes in driveway


The full azaleas that bloomed every year are gone. The big white house on the hill is no more.

The group stewarding the land made sure no one could quite remember the family or families that lived there.

There are reasons why we as people are to never forget….

The old way of doing things just might be right. The old way of having family and friends just might be the right way. Think about it… Think of the things your grandparents have seen and done. It was a simpler way of life yes. It was a hard life, yes. It was a romantic life yes. Things they owned lasted, didn’t they? Quality of life and things were better. If an old house stays in its original condition people remember!!?

People see the old and they start asking questions, they get curious? They want to know about the people who lived there? They want to know the history? Who it sold to? When and how? How log ago did they leave? And the curiosity goes on.

That’s why they (NGO’S) change the property dramatically so no one really knows to ask. They really are not sure if what they are looking at is what used to be.

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Quick, Call Batman!

This is a great photo. Neat phenomenon. Shows if we open our eyes to nature we can see lots of things!

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