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Weighing in on Mudslide….

Mudslides are an act of God, YES. But there are man made disasters in the making. The “save the this and that bunch” have some of the best engineers, geo-science professionals on their payrolls. They know from all of the studies they do, that if they do certain things to the environment and geography that certain other things will happen. Then they can have plausible deniability on an act of GOD.

The worst part of this is the realtors that keep right on selling property that is in the zone of “save the this and that bunch” whether it be a slide zone, flood zone, hurricane zone, tsunami zone, etc.

What I know to be true is that realtors can be told first hand what is going to be done by these “save the this and that bunch” especially the save the salmon bunch and still not disclose the information to potential buyers. I have witnessed this first hand in Washington State.

There was a property that changed hands 3 times and each homeowner dealt with a problem worse each time. The save the salmon bunch kept making the problem worse until the last owner was flooded so bad that her house was no longer livable. The projects that were done on a neighboring property caused the flooding. But of course the save the salmon bunch made her out to be a loon.

The property flooded by an NGO (Columbia Land Trust)
The property flooded by an NGO (Columbia Land Trust)

The realtor knew what was happening and what would happen yet he kept right on selling the property to the next person. What happened to full disclosure? What happened to being a responsible fiduciary?

Realtors seem to think that it is not important enough to fully disclose the information and that they are untouchable in the eyes of the law. They are dealing with the most important CONTRACTS of a person’s life and yet they think that little things like a potential landslide is not important enough to disclose. Or a yearly freshet that will not allow you to your house for days on end is a trivial point. Or a saturated ground that cause trees to fall on your house is frivolous. These kinds of disclosed pieces of information would put a stop to them making money and that of course would not be appropriately sustainable.


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