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NOT a conspriracy theory…

The things I am writing about many people will say that I am just a nut job talking conspiracy!? But am I?

You go back and look at any 5, 10, 20 and even 30 year plan of many of the NGO’s and you will see the plans in place, Nothing is so blatant as to say that loss of life will happen. Yet if you read between the lines of all the scientific terms and the big ten dollar words and convolutions you can see how there is no conspiracy it is a plan.

Now you look at the ability to have plausible deniability? With an “act of God” or an “act of nature” you will see that the most intelligent scientist can get close to predicting what will happen to further an agenda.

The GO’s and NGO’s can orchestrate many things to meet their agenda, especially with a steady flow of money that is never monitored.

Take for example the mudslide in Washington state. They knew about the hillside being unstable. They even used taxpayer dollars to try a shore up the hill by putting in this and that fix. Just like Katrina they knew the dyke would break with a large enough storm, yet they (meaning government organizations) did nothing to really warn the public or really fix the problem.

Follow the money. Who has spent the most money trying to help nature out???

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