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A Message From Shiree Bundy Cox

A Message From Shiree Bundy Cox.

Please read Shiree Bundys message (link above)

Just another attempt to show the public that the land that someone owns is not being stewarded correctly. It is also very lame to say cattle are destroying the land. They did this to Colorado about 30 years ago. Told the public, that cattle were destroying the land. NGO’s (Nature Conservancy) purchased acres and acres of land to steward. Then 30 years later, after putting together large plots of land, they are selling 5 acre plots and operating CATTLE Ranches, with nature conservancy employees. If you purchase a plot, you get the right, to ride one of their horses, on the land. But you will have to build a Nature Conservancy approved “Green Home”.

This is not stewardship, this is, get as many real Americans off the land.

Although Contention, about What Mr. Bundy is or is not doing, is prevalent, there is an underlying agenda. He would not sell his land, for pennies on the dollar. They will now squeeze him in other ways to try and force him to sell or get off the land. If that means put him into poverty. Create an environment of stress, so be it. If he goes bankrupt, even better.  Turn people against him. Make him sound like a crazy person. Manipulate the public with into thinking that they are on the right side of the law and Mr. Bundy is not. All of this is for the greater good.

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