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More on the untouchable subject and how Cliven Bundy ended up in his situation…

The following will be a long read but an important one if you want to look at the big picture as to why the FEDS are acting like gangs against a rancher who has been occupying land for generations. It may also describe to you why the tortoise is the issue at hand.

One of the reasons why Mr. Clive Bundy was accosted by the FEDS. This will give insight into why a movement that started some 40 plus years ago has reached a tipping point on the world stage and affects every American citizen that dreams of owning land in America.

The movement was the save the planet movement. There has been a radical change in how the NGO’s and the GO’s see their roll in how to  save the planet.

This thing starts with the Kyoto protocol in 1997. In a nutshell the Kyoto agreement states that all countries shall reduce their carbon footprint. To do this each government shall put land into conservation. “That all countries, notably developed countries, should make an effort to “green the world” through reforestation and forest conservation” This is just one excerpt from the UN Summit agreement by 140 plus countries. (click on the link to read more)George Bush did not ratify the agreement.

It does start much earlier but for the purpose of this article we will start with 1997.

We have enough land in the hands of the Federal Government so why would we start buying land or acquiring land to offset our carbon footprint. The land acquisition can also be purchased thru carbon credits. This then allows NGO’s to acquire land and put it into a mitigation bank. This gives carbon credit to any organization or government who has purchased carbon credits.

A mitigation bank can be set up anywhere. So lets say you have an endangered species on land that you want to build on. You can buy mitigation credits for the offset of environmental impact. The organization that receives the money for mitigation credit does not have to be a governmental agency it can be a Non-governmental agency or NGO. The NGO can then buy land for conservation in perpetuity. Tricky word that perpetuity.

The Cliven Bundy situation is a perfect example of mitigating impact of something being built and the environmental impact of the desert tortoise. I saw it happen in southwest Washington the money that was flowing for the salmon was enormous. After all the GO’s in bed with the NGO’s had to prove that the money they were spending had to keep flowing. So in order to show that the numbers were low, they fish and wildlife, went to the river when the salmon were spawning and started to cattle prod and baseball bat the returning fish. This did not allow then to actually spawn. The numbers of returning fish would be low and BINGO more money would flow for salmon recovery.

In the case of the tortoise, They need a large area to transplant the tortoise to. The Bundy ranch appears to be right in the middle of land that has been purchased for this very reason and the Bundys are holding up the process by not selling. Other ranchers in the area have sold already due to being pushed out. By means of fines and fees and taxes and just plain giving up the fight. These organization will hound people to sell their land at pennies on the dollar. Until one day they give up. Now that Cliven Bundy is the last hold out they will do everything and I mean everything to move him off the land. He does not want o sell so disparaging will come.

Everything that can show that Cliven Bundy is a bad person will come out about him and his family. Everything that will show that he is not a REAL American citizen will be put in front of the cameras for all the world to see. And everything that will show the masses that he is just a “doddering old fool” will take place.

No one is talking about how 52 other ranchers have sold out. Why? Who purchased their ranches? Why were they purchase? What was the reason for the purchase? Ask yourself these questions. Research these answers. You will more than likely find that it leads to a Kyoto Protocol/Environmental impact.

If the Chinese company is building a large solar farm then the environmental impact will be large. Then the land surrounding the impacted land must be preserved in order to comply with the Kyoto Protocol and the UN agreements. After all it is a Chinese company that will be building so they will completely comply since China has ratified the Protocol all along.

Harry Reid stands to make lots of money for his people. Harry Reid stands to gain lots of political clout with the Chines and any other investors in his state. Harry Reid stand to even get a pat on the back by his voters who put him in office because he will be providing jobs. How many we really do not know?


MORE Explaining on this issue to come…….


period from 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2020;

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