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The thuggery of the Cliven Bundy situation…

Cliven Bundy is a man that has grazed his cattle with the tortoise for many generations. He is a man that has supported his family with cattle and farming. He is a man like any other who has the freedom to believe what he wants to believe just like you and me.

Cliven Bundy has seen ranchers all around him fall to the ecology minded around him. He has also seen the politic corruption take hold in his county and state. Cliven Bundy has decided not to take it anymore.

This issue is not as simple as it seems. The tortoise is a factor yet THEY now are trying to claim what all the big players claim that Cliven Bundy is unstable and the American people need to see this.

It is a real example of what the big boys with all the attachments of the FEDS do. As long as the American people buy into the fact(?) that he is a racist, then the American people will conclude that he gets what he deserves. (BIG LIE NUMBER ONE).

The FEDS are acting no different than any club (Sons of Anarchy, Mayan, the Cartel, etc.,) any faction that uses intimidation to get what they want. Guns and a show of force is one of the best methods. So in April 2014T=the FEDS went in and rounded up cattle that did not belong to them. (more gang thuggery at play) Then the show of force with guns drawn. The ultimate over reach was when a documentarian walked into the middle of the fray and requested a discussion with the FEDS. The FED reply was this “Get back or we’ll shoot” The gentleman continues to request a civil conversation again he is told to “get back or we’ll shoot”. The potential shooters were the employees of OUR federal government. Since when does our federal government act like Russia, or Greece or Turkey or any other government in upheaval? Really do you people who think that the Cliven Bundy situation is an isolated, one time only, THINK AGAIN!

These are the FEDS drawing on an American citizen as if they were a drug runner.
These are the FEDS drawing on an American citizen as if they were a drug runner.


6 thoughts on “The thuggery of the Cliven Bundy situation…”

  1. Judge Jeanine Pirro, from Fox News, said there is a missing Mitigation Hearing, that mandates moving the turtles to a safe location before that land can ever be developed. Further, “Dirty Harry” & Son, are in a very interesting position, as the land is worth somewhere around $29 Million, but, there is a secret sweetheart deal for sale at $4.4Million, payable directly to Reid’s son, and not the US Government.


    1. I am currently preparing a post that addresses this situation and how it works. Thanks for your comment. I saw that segment last night also. It was very well put. I do need to elaborate on her comments.

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  2. A question that I have been raising, is a concern where previous Agreements were made by the US Government with Native American Indians, where treaties might specify that land/real properties, would be returned to the tribes, before it could ever be sold to foreign nations or foreign concerns.
    I also raise issue with the advancing of a Constitutional Article-V convention, is seeking a balanced budget amendment and perhaps another item, and people are saying how they desire to tinker with constitutional rights, turning them into arbitrary government privileges, therefore, could it be possible to revisit treaties and renegotiate them or, have provisions included within the Constitution protecting real property rights in America.


    1. Good question. I will definitely think on this one. One problem is that property rights are being infringed upon by the federal government so much. The infringements must be stopped before looking at the renegotiation and revisiting of treaties would be possible.


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