Agenda 21 impact, ecosystem, environmental impact, salmon, small community life

The Mudslide revisited…

Here it goes the multiple studies spending taxpayer money in order to find out about what happened. I am sure the survivors of the Steelhead Haven can tell everyone what HAPPENED. It rained hard, the hill was not stable and the hill cut loose.

But now come all the different highly paid scientific that have degrees to tell the people what happened. Of course these people are saying it will be a tough thing to explain it to the public. Really people! Is it that hard to explain that the hill was unstable. The earth was saturated with water. possibly the footing of the hill(support was taken away and there was no support).

It is wonderful that they are studying the site but why on the taxpayer dime? The taxpayer dime is how they KNEW it was going to slide!?

Agenda 21 at work once again. To utilize funds for sustainable development.


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