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Mitigation Plan for Nevada Solar Farm part 2…

You will notice that I refer in a previous post on mitigation of solar farm in Nevada to the “Dry Lake” solar farm. (Amorgosa) and the mitigation plan refers to other locations all using or referring to Gold Butte as the offsite mitigation location.


This excerpt is taken directly from the “Summary of Mitigation requirements”

Of all the mitigation measures identified in Appendix A, there were only a few
that indicated off-stie mitigation requirements. These are listed here: 1) (VEG-
6) Pre-construction surveys will be conducted to identify the locations of plants
protected by the State of Nevada (NRS 527.60-120); these locations will be
flagged and avoided until BLM authorizes a proper salvage protocol. 2) (VEG-7)
Vegetation salvage and replanting will be implemented and completed as
required by the BLM in accordance with their established guidelines. Adopting
roadway signage that discourages off-road travel will help protect vegetation
along the road margins. 3) (WL-18) Any Desert Tortoise removed from
construction sites shall be placed in an unoccupied burrow similar to the one in
which it was found or in an artificial burrow, following the protocol approved
by the BLM and USFWS and in compliance with NRS 503.597 and NAC 503.093.
(WL-19) Desert Tortoise eggs found within construction sites will be removed
by qualified tortoise biologists, in accordance with BLM and USFWS protocols


The off-site mitigation of the Desert Tortoise demands that the turtle be relocated to abandon burrows and artificial burrows. The relocation cost to the farm will be $3,366,900 or $774.00 per acre for a total of 4350 acres. Do you think this is more than the grazing rights have cost landowners. Just think the politician says I can get more money mitigating the BLM land than allowing a rancher to pay for grazing rights???????

We must not forget the pale-kangaroo rat a multiple year study by a biologist will take place to determine the rats stress from the solar farm.$200,000.00 study.

Payments into a tribal conservation fund for the desert tortoise at $786 dollars per acre (no acreage total identified)  Bases on acreage purchased by  ENN Energy it would be a potential of $7,000,000 plus or minus.

Total fees for disturbance of tortoise habitat within the material site and expansion area would be $2,295,684 ($774/acre X 2,966 acres)
Long term maintenance fee $1450.00 an acre X 6950 acres = $100,775,00.
The following chart shows just one summary of the hard dollars for mitigation plan. It does not show the soft dollars that have been written into the plan:


There is another 12 million and some change on another chart, that I did not include, if you would like to see it click on the link at the top of this post to see the whole mitigation summary. Pay close attention to the other projects that are referenced for mitigation. It is not clear that they a doubling and tripling down on each project, but the way dollars are spent on conservation, I would say they are.

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