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Election 2014

As we move to the election booth each and every one of us should take a solid look at each candidate closely. If your elected official that you will vote for is in alignment with the constitution and your principles then  you have done your part. If you have no idea and just select the one that is your party candidate then you will get what you ask for. The negative ads are put out there to keep you from looking at the real issues that each politician stands for.

When you pick your candidate are you picking the zealous tree huggers or are you picking a fair politician who believe Americans should take care of their  own land with in common sense reason. Do you select a politician who believes  that the UN has the right to tell everyone in America what and how and who should have land. Should they have the rights that are given to us by our constitution or should they be able to take your land and give it to someone they think is more worthy like Harry Reid and his deal with the Chinese.

If you believe we as Americans have rights then ask yourself how many NGO’s is your candidate affiliated with? What type of activism has he or she been involved in? Do they believe in cradle to grave government? Do they think that political correctness applies to those that appose them? Do they believe the constitutional right to carry is nonsense? Do they talk about “comprehensive planning”, “smart growth”?

Has your politician of choice elude to or even decried the need for sustainability impact assessments? Do they tout The “Heritage programs”?


corridor system to protect biodiversity

The red on this map shows area that will have little to NO human use. The yellow will have highly regulate land use.

Pay close attention to your potential candidate> If you want to be controlled then by all means vote for the politician that believes lives and breaths sustainable development. If you Don’t want to be controlled vote out the politician that lives, breaths and eats Agenda 21 (example of a full fledged bought in politician: Harry Reid).


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No One will touch this subject…

It is beyond me why no one will touch the subject. Why land just keeps gettin’ taken away by any organization that sees fit to take the land. Each and every person that owns a piece of their own heaven on earth is a target.

Like in Roman times the all mighty buck(dollar) is the ruling factor. Agenda 21 has taken hold and moving forward a rapid pace. Ultimately is is about money and ultimately power. Power over the people. If the people own nothing they have to work for the “man” or better yet “corporation” Tax dollars ll the coffers of the politician. The measly worker fills the pocket of the CEO.

The land owner scrapes and scrapes by to make a living and keep what little he or she has.

The urbanization of the population is one goal. No land owners, equals more control of the people. Personal land ownership (the American dream) is bad for the environment and even worse for the greater good. There will be collateral damage in the process of urbanization. People that think that all of the pieces that are implemented do not see the big picture.

Each small town that buys into block grants beautification grants, cleanup grants are now indebted to the big picture.

Take for example the electric meter on your house. Yes it is more efficient but you are being monitored. The amount of electricity you use is being monitored. This is not a conspiracy THEORY anymore. Soon the next step will be the rationing of electricity in the form of charges. If you use more than you normally do you will be charged a fee. If you cannot pay the fee you will be cut off maybe jailed, maybe charged with some crime, something will happen. The result will be a burden on you the consumer.

As long as you are an individual/organization that is working on a step towards the ultimate goal the money flows like water.