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Weighing in on Sony and Hollywood…

I find it fascinating that Hollywood liberals don’t like this country, and they would like other countries to control how we act. Yet when they get exactly what they want they scream stop.

Now the way another country is controlling us is not up front. Someone not from this country hacked a companies computers and THREATENED more if something in the company is not changed. So the liberals caved in and did what they were told to do by another country. The behavior of an American company was brought into line by another country.

There you have it Freedom of speech has been taken away by another country. An art form of freedom is taken away. Instead of doing something proactively to protect these rights  the company caves in.

We Americans cannot go to a theater and see a comedy. Political correctness has been taken care of and Hollywood actors should just shut up and suck it up, this is exactly what many of them want done in America. They don’t like it, if it affects their pockets tho!!!!!

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