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How do you pro-nounce Terrorist…

Currently the White House has a pronunciation problem or maybe they think that if they call it everything else then it is not terrorism. How do you pronounce these monikers: (all spelling is done phonetically to show the ways of pronunciations)

Al Qaeda

AL KIeeda

AL kayda


AL KIayda





I Sill

I sel

I saul


Tall eebAn

Taul i ban

Toli ban

Ta lee bon

After all there is a difference between the groups whether they are the Pokistan group or the Pakistan group or the Afghanny group or the Afghanistan group or if they are any other named group after all each group is different Right?


Well really I think a Terrorist  is easily defined  a person who terrorizes or frightens others.


We now have Boko-Haram

Al Nusra

How many other names are the same group going to call themselves?



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