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Mother of the CENTURY…

Best descrption ever!
Best description ever!

This is a wake up call to all parents who really care for their kids! More parents should be teaching their kids RIGHT from Wrong. This is a display of a she-bear who is righteously angry at what her own son was participating in. Yes, yes, yes. more parents need to step up and quit being afraid of the PC police that think this is wrong and that this mother, was in the wrong. Her kids will have a chance in life. At least she is doing something!

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Hillary and the peoples money…

stealing from the people but she thinks she's innocent!
stealing from the people but she thinks she’s innocent!

Really people? If the secretary of state Hillary is willing to take items from the people’s house

do you think that she can be trusted NOT to steal from the people.


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Shanghaeid in Astoria….

Soon after we left the farm we landed in Astoiria, Oregon.  My son got involved with a local production called SHANGHAIED IN ASTORIA . It is a very interesting production utilizing local talent. The group of people were a tight group and brought multiple facets to the production. This production brings together the stereotypical ethnicities of Astoria. Astoria had a large population of finnish, Scandinavian and Norwegian. The humor of the Irish sea-captain, the not so smart Norwegian, a few finnish brothers and the influence of a very lucrative madame. Astoria was known for fishing and logging. The town was full of bars and churches on every corner it also had more brothels than churches and bars put together. Most establishments: the hardware store, the blacksmith, the mercantile, and the barber always had a side door that led to ladies of the night. Many a man told their wives they were going to the hardware store on a regular basis. This history added lots of color to Astoria.

Being shanghaied was a forced conscription. Verbal history tells us that men would be knocked in the head after getting inebriated,  dropped thru the Shanghai trap door and taken out to a ship. The shanghaied person would wake the next morning on a ship sailing to parts unknown. Many a trouble maker were not seen again for years. There are several bars in Astoria that still have the Shanghai trap door.

At the end of the season the cast would have a little fun and trade roles the guys would dress up as the dance hall girls and the girls would dress as the villain, or the finnish fisherman. This was called the Topsey Turvey. A good fundraiser for the Astor Street Opry Company.

The following pictures are of members of the cast at the Topsey Turvey Ball (several years ago);

topsyturvy6 topsyturvy4topsyturvy5  topsyturvy3 topsyturvy2 topsyturvy1When visiting Astoria put “SHANGHAIED IN ASTORIA” on your list of things to do!

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Moth makes appearance….

Thought you might like to see a few wonders from the farm. Kids were still young and in awe of this moth. We had an old lamp on the porch. Just coming out of winter late spring and this moth made an appearance one night.

Moth on old lamp

We watched this moth for a good hour taking pictures of it.

Moth on porch old lamp.
Moth on porch old lamp.

My son soon put his hand to the moth and it crawled onto his hand. He put it back on the lamp.  In the morning we found the moth still attached to the lamp. It was no longer alive but in perfect shape. The kids till have this moth in perfect condition.

Things like this were the wonderful experiences that we had. The kids got to experience the many wonders of nature and enjoy watching the life cycles of plants animals and insect(like the moth). In so doing each experience was a lesson.  We looked up the moth and discovered it to be the Polyphemus moth.

These types of discoveries are a part of the lifestyle living out in the country. These experiences don’t require chaperones, they don’t require big money to experience, these experiences don’t require safety equipment, they don’t require political correctness. These experience just require one to observe, be aware and enjoy.


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Water, Water, everywhere not a drop to drink….

Why do you think that the EPA, Water Quality, Save the fish people, Save the bird people are all on board with water rights and property rights issue. Because that is where the control of the people is. If they have complete control of every drop of water in the nation let alone the world they can control the people. The Agenda is to move people into the cities or more populated areas so they can control how we treat nature there is a move on to get areas of our nation into, ” no walking zones”. These zones are currently called Biospheres. This way the natural environment can thrive (in theory). But it will be about the rich can go do their thing on the no walk zones. This is not a conspiracy theory this is real. Read the whole Agenda 21 booklet, then educate yourself on the UN and their plans.

Every one is kidding themselves if they think that the ecology groups under the guise of  Water quality, EPA, Endangered species act, Air Quality and other governmental organizations are here to help the people live better lives. These organizations have been hijacked by the same people who are taking land from the people. Just look at the Cliven Bundy situation. Don’t just read the story on him, look behind the scenes and see what is happening around him and 100 miles away. Follow the money behind those scenes and you will see what is really happening.

Snake river Idaho
Snake river Idaho

I have actually seen the plan of an ecology group, their plan is to buy up 200 acres both side of the Snake River from mouth to headwaters. They are patient and exacting. They have a plan and they WILL carry out their plan no matter what it takes. They are not ethical about it. They are not honest about it. They, being the NGO’s that work to change nature laws to benefit them.

This is NOT a Right or Left issue. This is not a Carter, Bush, Reagan, Nixon, Clinton or Obama issue. This is a much larger issue. The different administrations have just implemented little pieces. The latest administration is young enough and have been indoctrinated enough, to believe that the save the planet issue is the most important. In order to implement a UN Agenda to the United States there is a constitution standing in the way. So what better to do indoctrinate a generation into thinking that the world leaders know better know how to save the planet, so wipe away the constitution to implement world laws.

Tax the dickens out of urban areas and it will empty out. Fine people for building on their own property and people will not buy land. Regulate what can be grown on your own land and people become leery. Make the land so expensive and no one but the big boys(girls) can buy.

There is a plan and children your children are being indoctrinated into it. The uninformed are being indoctrinated. The ignorant are being indoctrinated. The American people are being kept busy trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table are being indoctrinated.

Cities across the nation are doing the sustainable thing to indoctrinate the people into a plan that will control them for the greater good. WHO’S GREATER GOOD? is the question everyone should be asking.  Why did the landslide take place in Washington state and kill people? Why is the Katrina money not rebuilding New Orleans? Why are people still waiting on the money for the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.