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Moth makes appearance….

Thought you might like to see a few wonders from the farm. Kids were still young and in awe of this moth. We had an old lamp on the porch. Just coming out of winter late spring and this moth made an appearance one night.

Moth on old lamp

We watched this moth for a good hour taking pictures of it.

Moth on porch old lamp.
Moth on porch old lamp.

My son soon put his hand to the moth and it crawled onto his hand. He put it back on the lamp.  In the morning we found the moth still attached to the lamp. It was no longer alive but in perfect shape. The kids till have this moth in perfect condition.

Things like this were the wonderful experiences that we had. The kids got to experience the many wonders of nature and enjoy watching the life cycles of plants animals and insect(like the moth). In so doing each experience was a lesson.  We looked up the moth and discovered it to be the Polyphemus moth.

These types of discoveries are a part of the lifestyle living out in the country. These experiences don’t require chaperones, they don’t require big money to experience, these experiences don’t require safety equipment, they don’t require political correctness. These experience just require one to observe, be aware and enjoy.


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