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Timber Companies spraying Roundup??…


forest weed spraying
forest weed spraying


We were talking the other day about what is taking place on the coastal regions of Oregon and Washington. The timber companies have decide to spray the newly logged off hillsides with pesticides (similar to “Roundup”). You know the one!? Most Americans use it to kill off weeds on the sidewalks, driveways and patios. Yes that Roundup.

So of course the reasoning is that the underbrush that grows up, after a hillside is logged off, is competing too much with newly planted trees and so must be hindered. Brush like blackberries, grass, foxglove, young alder saplings, and other low growth. These pesticides (herbicides) don’t just fall from the delivery system they use they get picked up and drift with the wind. The intention is to spray on a newly planted hillside, BUT….   Where do you think it drifts to and what other animal and plant life get sprayed as well.


The elk herds in southwest Washington have hoof rot. Wonder what is causing that? Oregon and Washington are big states for the save the Salmon bunch and lots and lots of money has already been spent to help increase the salmon runs in all of the creeks and rivers that flow to the ocean. Gee, I wonder if more money will be spent to save the salmon for another 40 or 50 years. Looks like they will have to because now they have to study the salmon to see if they are being dwarfed, mutated and not spawning, or unable to.  And now the fish and wildlife people get to get money to study the elk to see why the hoof rot is happening. They will find mutations and other health problems with the wildlife.

What ever happened to, its illegal to spray dangerous herbicides and pesticides. With over-spray or wind drift, what is happening with the water supply? The water supply feeds water for human consumption as well as wildlife including bear, raccoon, squirrel, chipmunk, deer, elk, lynx, bobcat, mouse, salamander, frogs, bald eagle, osprey, salmon, trout,  beaver, moles, voles, the spotted owl (for gods sake), banana slug, snail, blue heron, woodpecker, Murrelet, Peregrine falcon, turtle,  goose, crane, Blue jay, hummingbirds, red tail hawk, goshawks, harrier hawk,  grouse,  wolves, coyote,  weasel,  mink, Bees, ferret plover, rabbit and many numerous insects. Look at this list and then compare it to the endangered species list and you will find quite a few on there. The eagle is a protected specie which carries an enormous fine but do they think of what the spray is doing to them? What about the precious wetland?

When did it become okay to spray something more dangerous than DDT???

seal with pups
seal with pups






This is happening internationally also! What will other countries do about this?


I am adding some information about roundup and what it is doing to people and wildlife. The effects on the forage or food source for wildlife DOES have adverse affects. The timber companies spraying t5his toxic chemical in order to allow trees to grow better and stronger is a myth. Please read the following articles about the dangers of glysophate (Roundup).

10 thoughts on “Timber Companies spraying Roundup??…”

  1. “When did it become okay to spray something more dangerous than DDT???”

    How do you figure that glyphosate is more dangerous than DDT?
    The comparison is apples to oranges.

    DDT is an insecticide-it kills insects.
    Glyphosate-(Roundup)- is an herbicide-it kills plants.
    Here’s something you may want to know-timber companies have been spraying weedkillers for decades-this is nothing new.
    It’s not very likely that glyphosate affects salmon or elk,as it’s an herbicide,it kills plants.
    Most insecticides do kill aquatic life-including salmon-agricultural and suburban lawn chemical runoff is a much bigger threat to salmon than timber companies spraying a weed killer.


    1. I think you might have missed my point regarding DDT. Why spray anything that can kill multiple specie of something just to maybe save one or 2 trees. You cannot tell me that suburban runoff is more than what the timber companies are doing. And further more to much of a good thing becomes bad!!!


      1. Sure,spraying anything is bad,I agree with that.

        The fact is that runoff from ag fields,and suburban lawns is putting far more chemicals into the environment than timber companies spraying replanted clearcuts-that’s fact,not my personal opinion.
        Between homeowners,landscaping companies,and lawn fertilizing/weed killing companies,billions of gallons of weed killers like glyphosate,insecticides like Ortho’s Home Defense line of long-acting insecticides,and petrochemical fertilizers are applied to lawns not only for residential properties,but the lawns in front of all the commercial properties.
        If where you live is anything like around here,you get 3 or 4 unwanted phone books per year-open the yellow pages part-(or just look online)-and look up pest control companies,landscaping companies,and lawn chemical companies like Tru-Green-every one of those companies is spraying/spreading, hundreds of gallons-(or thousands of gallons,depending on size of company)- of lawn chemicals-weed killers, fertilizers and insecticides per day-every day.


      2. I understand in the big city and suburban areas are using lots of chemicals on thier lawns. But I guess it is not as important to keep crops free from harmful chemicals. There are organic farms that provide food for those in the suburbs, that are getting overspray from timber spraying. But I suppose that that is not as important as the large populated areas. Just like the Agenda 21 implementation most people figure if it doesn’t happen in thier backyard it doesn’t need any attention or outrage. As long as it doesn’t affect the person directly it isn’t worth noting. And every excuse to show something is happening (worse) somewhere else, plays.


      3. I do not in any way,shape or form support agenda 21.
        There is a metric sh*t ton of misinformation/disinformation being spread on the intardnet about glyphosate,Monsanto,GMO’s,and in this case-timber spraying-while I would prefer to see zero spraying-any “overspray” is not enough of whatever chemical-likely glyphosate-to harm any organic farm in the area,because it’s just that-overspray.
        Plus there’s the fact that it’s not a large enough amount,in a high enough concentration do do any significant harm.
        Timber companies nationwide have been spraying for weeds one time,just after seedlings are planted-to give the seedlings a short period of time where they have no competition from other plants.
        While I do not believe it’s needed,it’s not the most important battle to fight,as runoff/overspray is insignificant.
        Organic farming-with the exception of those of us who grow our own food is pretty much a scam-insecticides,weedkillers,and chemical fertilizers are still allowed.
        Like “free range chickens-the doors to the barns are left open-that’s the only difference-the majority of the chickens never leave the barns because that’s where the food and water is.
        We have quacks like Dr. Oz,the “food babe”and Mike Adams-“health ranger” spreading a ton of horsepucky and using fearmongering/scaremongering to sell “supplements”-they are modern day versions of snake oil salesmen.
        99% of the bullsheet being spread about “GMO’s” is just that-bullsheet,often citing debunked “studies” and “papers” that are pure fiction.
        Try using factual information about “GMO’s”…

        Exactly what “harmful chemicals” are being used on crops?
        There’s more fearmongering/scaremongering horsepucky going on with that as well-do you know the exact or even the approx. concentrations of chemicals being used?
        Do you know that many chemicals sprayed on crops do not show up in the fruit or veggie being grown?

        My point is be educated about all the environmental claims being made,as are pure,unadulterated bullsh*t.


      4. Love it Thank you very much for speaking your mind and supporting with facts. I truely appreciate some one willing to talk about any of these issues. Looks like you are paying attention and aware of these issues and many others. Once again I thank you gamegetter11. I truely appreciate all of your comments and information.

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    2. further more this is an example of the big business does whatever they want. The nominal farmer does it and fines, fines,fines take place or even a fight like the Bundy Ranch!


  2. I work with a company that does timber and corn spraying. The chemicals we use are not cheap. If the wind is even close to carrying the chemical beyond the target area we shut down. Round up kills everything. Arsenal kills everything but pine. It’s a antihistamine. Cold medicine. We do not allow spraying in fog because it carries chemical past the target area. Site prep is sprayed before planting. Release is sprayed after planting. Mid rotation is sprayed after years of growth. So 3 sprays every 20 years. Nothing like your average household spraying.


    1. Money seems to be the driver to spray and spray and spray. I know on the coast in Oregon the Elk are getting hoof rot and I would venture that it is do in part to the spraying of round-up so the trees can grow bigger and better. But what is it doing to the surface water when it makes it to a stream or any body of water. Regarding the “cold Medicine”No wonder people are having trouble getting rid of a cold or having allergy tablets be useful. Everyone is building up a resistance to it. Thanks for commenting!


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