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Weighing in on Donald Trump…

I have watched Donald Trump for many years. What I see is someone who sees this country is no longer the “American Dream”. A big reason why is due to the PC police, Political Correctness that every one is forced to endure from what ever side wants to make in an issue. What Donald Trump is and can do well is talk without all the Political correctness. He also is telling on the politicians that walk the fine line of political correctness. When in fact they are big liars when they follow political correct lines of talking points. Is there a politician out there that will openly talking about what really goes on with world trade deals. What is really going on with political deals with other countries. Do we have any other politician talking about why jobs have been disappearing from this country?

Donald Trump is not manipulating the press. The press is manipulating the press. The press is talking like this is a betting pool at the office. Everyone has an opinion and those that have been indoctrinated into the life of absolute political correctness absolutely hate Donald Trump.


A lot of jealousy for this man who cannot be bought by anyone! Neither side of the political arena like this at all.  Both parties could learn a lot from how he talks

Donald Trump is not Politically Correct!!



3 thoughts on “Weighing in on Donald Trump…”

    1. I am note neccessarily endorsing Donald Trump. I am just pointing out that he is speaking NON politically correct. It is about time someone speak the plain facts.


      1. I understand, I just wanted to let you know where he stands on the NSA data collection issue, and, OPRAH??!! No Way! Where’s the barf bag?


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