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Counting on lack of emotional development….

my name is victimWhy do you think things are happening right before your eyes.

The system does the insidious of give lots of bad news and hideous actions then once in a while they throw a bone to the people to just keep a little hope alive. If there is just a little hope in people they can be manipulated easier.

There is always something dramatic going on that everyone will talk about and consume their time with. Just like a soap opera or junior high school. This in itself is arrested emotional development of the masses. The work place has become full of people who do not have the maturity to be in the high management positions that they are in. These same people are given tools to manage without the knowledge and understanding of how to use the tools in a moral, ethical or honest way.

definitions of arrested emotional development (links):


The people in charge of the nanny state are counting on your lack of emotional development. They prey on it. This is done by catering to the political correct. The political correct police are operating under the fear of their trauma as a kid. They are emotionally arrested by whatever they are offended by.

At one time these people were told they had a problem and needed to grow up.  Some people really WANTED to change so they did. The hard work and pain of growing up isn’t easy but it can be done if they WANT it. Now most people are offended if they are told to grow up. It is easier to go in and get a pill to fix the problem. This kind of problem cannot be fixed thru a pill. It takes facing issues and growing up. People will not take the time effort and pain to grow up.

The triggers of child hood trauma are all around us. The government panders to it. As long as every politician pander to the arrested emotional development then racism, discrimination, gender neutrality, ecology fears, economical fears will continue to be part of the head lines.

Sustainability is the key word that makes those people feel better.  After all the definition os sustainability: the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed. Makes people feel warm and fuzzy like they ar being completely taken care of. Somewhere their parents didn’t make them feel this way so they look to government to fix that pain.



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