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East wants you off the western lands…



sights seen it urban life on our own land!
sights seen on our own land! Roosevelt elk are magnificent creatures.

I have always felt that the east coasters who  really know nothing about the lives of people in the west, feel that land in the west should be saved. The east coast people were the most vocal during  the Spotted Owl controversy. Not a soul in the ecology (conservation) movement could give a rats *ss about the lives that are affected by their agenda. If a family is put out, bankrupted or otherwise destroyed that’s okay with them. In their eyes it is a means to an end or collateral damage.

Northern spotted owl
Northern spotted owl

The lives that most people live, on lands that are targeted for conservation, is idyllic in many ways. It is a lot of hard work and what Americans are. These lives that I am talking about are regular people living life, off the land,  not always making a fortune but making a living. They eat good food, not genetically modified. They interact with their neighbors. They know what is going on in their communities good or bad they know it. They help out their neighbor. They truly love life. Kids learn a work ethic. Kids learn real life lessons. Sometimes  life and death(with animals). They learn animal husbandry and how it affects the land. They learn how to care for the land and not rape it.

Life in these communities are not about cell phones, game boys, Playstation, tablets and computers. Life is often centered around the land and what it is doing. Is it giving up a good crop. Is it dry enough, wet enough or to frozen. Are the animals in good health or are they in need of tending. How many young will be born and what animal may need help giving birth.  This type of community brings hardship as well as reward and the people that live, truly live, in these communities LOVE it and would have it no other way.

These communiteis are more like an extended family. Everyone and I mean everyone watches out for one another. Even the crotchedy ones are what helps make up the community.

Community is not a “Village” it is most certainly a unified body of individuals.

Unlike the city where no one really knows thier neighbor. No one really knows what is going on in any personal way. The city is a go-go society not community. The city is all about what car I drive, how much I paid for my house,  what party to attend next, what event is on the calender, who saw who where, how much money can I make. What else can I do for me. Don’t get me wrong I lived the city life and it is good in many ways. I just don’t think that people in the cities have the right to tell urban areas what they can and cannot do with thier own land. City dwellers need to be fully informed about the cause that they are being vocal about. The rabid conservationist from the city should go out and meet those in the west. See and experience the life. How many movies have you seen where the city slicker experiences small town or rural community only to realize it is in thier heart to stay and experience life insted of live the fast pace running life.


1986 newspaper article about spotted owl

Federal Land Ownership and Data

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