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Examples of Agenda 2030 (21)…..

Contracted consultants putting forth visions for cities making high density housing all for moving people out of rural areas. The high density housing will replace a nice rural communty that produces food and bright children with identities. The high density cities remove individual identities, creativity and disention. This is a step to move the population to areas that can control the people. Watch the following youtube videos to see whats happening in California.



The planning bords are making it difficuld to use your car. They want you to get out of your car and ride bikes. Also live and work on the same block. so there is no need to use any transportation. California is moving forth at a rapid rate. Brown wants to be the one and only that leads the world implementing the UN Agenda 2030.

All these videos are eye openers to those that don’t want America completely tranformed.

Look at the SANBAG association of governments