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Refugee resettlement…

Do you see very many forms being filled out? How about women and children?


The feds are really off their rocker. They say for a FACT that the vetting process takes 18 to 24 moths……——If it takes 18 to 24 months to background check someone no one would get hired for a job in US.

They say that the refugees  apply in a country abroad……—- Where! Which country? When and how are they doing this?

They say that they DO NOT know how to refuse resettlement…—-How about we just say NO! How educated and intelligent do you have to be to say NO?

Agenda 2030, Agenda 21 impact, climate change, Political Correctness, small community life

Words to watch for… to know Agenda 2030 is at play…

Sustainable development is the key phrase showing that the minions have been fully indoctrinated into the UN agenda.

Social Justice, Clean energy, sustainable agriculture, inclusive and equitable, gender equality, management of water (rationing),  affordable and reliable energy (rationing again), sustainable economic growth, human settlements, core wilderness zones, sustainable consumption (of food) (another rationing program), combat climate change, biodiversity.

If you ask any government official what these words mean to the community they will get irritated. Or they will blow you off by telling you to read their plans. Or they will tell you, you do not need to know. And finally they will tell you that the federal funding that the city poorly needs will not come if they don’t use these items in their plan. Follow the money and the workshops that they haveand workshops they  attend.

I attended a community workshop last year. The basic experience was how to have a conversation with your community an interact with your neighbor. The basic conversation was on guns. This flopped because of the lack of attendance from the community as a whole.

Click on the link below to see the goals:

Agenda 2030, Agenda 21 impact, ecology now, environmental impact, living life, small community life

Bike to work….

You can rent a bike for only $6 bucks an hour. Ride that green machine to and from work. The bike lanes are in and the car lanes are out. Implementation of  Agenda 2030 in full steam. Click on the link to see the ribbon cutting of the green bikes in Santa Monica.


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Most dangerous thing to National Security…REALLY?

“Climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security, and, make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country. And so we need to act — and we need to act now.” – Barrack Obama 2015

Fairly recently the CIA..yes the CIA.. decommissioned their climate research division. Why has the CIA been researching climate change, maybe they think that national security is at risk????

“Climate change can now be considered another weapon of mass destruction, perhaps the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction,” – John Kerry 2014


“So this is an exciting time. From the administration’s announcement last month of a $3 billion commitment to the global green climate fund, to that new joint announcement with China, to new rules under consideration for ozone, we continue to push forward. But that is just the beginning of what is needed.” – Hillary Clinton on Barack Obama policies 2014


“The effects of the changing climate affect the full range of Department activities, including plans, operations, training, infrastructure, acquisition, and longer-term investments,” Daniel Chui told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in July. “By taking a proactive, flexible approach to assessment, analysis, and adaptation, the Department can keep pace with the impacts of changing climate patterns, minimize effects on the Department, and continue to protect our national security interests.” – 2014

So this administration think that ISIS(or ISIL or whatever). The extremists that have already stated that they will take out anyone against them. This means that they will convert you or kill. It is no different from Alexander the Great marching thru a continent taking control of land and kingdoms. How about Genghis Khan, or Hitler. The latter were brutal conquerors. Now ISIS. See some similarities. Why would any sane person say that ISIS is less of a danger than global warming, oops, Climate Change.

There is  a lot of data out there and you can make a case for almost anything. Just shows you whatever fight you want to be a part of you can make a case to support it.

I think that the fight should be for a way of life. It is called freedom. The freedom to not be controlled, by the richest of the world.


Agenda 2030, Agenda 21, Agenda 21 impact, PC police, Political Correctness, politics, Strong cities, strong communities, sustainable development

Ban, Ban, Ban it’s offensive….


Ban the gun! Ban the gun! Ban the gun! as Hillary Clinton rides!

So let’s do behavioral modification in the workplace so we are all the same. After all A YOGA Studio in Seattle is doing it with an all colored class, NO WHITES ALLOWED! Okay for a long time I have known Seattle is not the place to live, great place to visit! I grew up in Seattle. I was part of the Boeing family as we called it then. I even purchased my first home in Seattle. So for me to say it is only a good place to visit, that’s saying something.

“Brown Bag” is not allowed in the work place because it is racist!lunch1

Portland school district you cannot take a “Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich to school” you will be tagged a racist?  Figure that one out?!!!!??


So now we have Oxford University Press banning the word pig and sausages from books in order to NOT offend.


Source: Pork Products Face Workplace Ban For Being ‘Offensive’

Perfect example of how to destroy history to not offend someone!

Sleeping Comfortably While White is racist. Can we change our color at night so we aren’t racist.

The EPA says plants do not need sun light it is bad for plants. Plants increase our carbon footprint. I remember science class teaching that plants create oxygen for us living on this planet.

Reaching for the SUN!
Reaching for the SUN!


EVERYONE SOUNDS LIKE A BABY! I don’t like this…I don’t like that… don’t say those things it makes me sad.. You hurt my feelings when you say that… It’s offensive when you eat that… Don’t raise your voice you’re hurting me… that should not be allowed….don’t say mommy … don’t say daddy…. don’t say he… don’t say she…. don’t say that it offends someone…don’t do that it offends someone… don’t eat that it offends ….

Pretty soon the dictionary for America will be about as bug as a kids coloring book. It will have all the offensive words taken out and will leave everything we can say.

my name is victim

All of this is the Agenda 2030 social engineering, dumbing down of America, victimizing the weak and foolish, create true turmoil amongst family, turn brother  against brother, turn neighbor against neighbor. Next they will implement Shiria law and the dumb American will go along with it because it will be politically acceptable.




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Halloween on the farm….

I am breaking from the normal post of politics and Agenda 2030 and going to share a little memory about the life on the farm……..

steph as power rangerpaul as link

I know Halloween is over and done with and all the little tikes are now whining about the candy and getting their sugar highs. And many a parent are scolding their kids for eating too much but hey, the parents are eating it just as much as the kids! So why complain about your kids, right?

I thought I would share a fond memory of living life on the farm. The kids had picked out the costume they wanted and I told them I would make them. After all, I had my mothers old singer sewing machine. My daughter wanted to be the red Power Ranger and my son wanted to be Link from one of his video games. I made patterns and cut out all the material. The night before Halloween, which was a school day, I sat up after the kids went to bed and started sewing. The house was quiet and serene. The chickens were bedded down and all was quiet.

The sewing machine was working kinda wonky and I kept sewing.  The Link costume done, I turned to the Power Ranger costume. The unthinkable happened, the sewing machine gave up the ghost. Frustrated, to say the least,  it was about 1:30 in the morning,  I turned to sewing by hand. Feverishly hand sewing the costume. I finished both costumes just in time to wake the kids for school.

Making breakfast the kids dressed in their costumes. They looked good (see pictures) neither child knew the wiser and both costumes lasted the day at school and a whole evening of trick or treating. These are the memories of living a life raising kids.

That morning broke with a little sun in the morning with water dripping from the trees from the night rain. Serene and clear. The evening of Halloween was dry and cold and lots of treats were had.