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Agenda 21, in under 5 minutes – YouTube THIS WILL HELP YOU UNDERSTAND……

This is an absolute must read along with the post on

Agenda 21 in a quick overview. I know I posted this already once but it is a must see to understand wording and the goal of Agenda 21 (2030)


2 thoughts on “Agenda 21, in under 5 minutes – YouTube THIS WILL HELP YOU UNDERSTAND……”

  1. This guy thats suing the BoR and the Irrigation Districts, , wants us all to be ” Rural Refugees ” ,

    The economic impacts of these actions are literally beyond

    measure. The cost to the taxpayer in the dozens of endless court

    battles has not even been estimated. Public land agencies are

    forced to spend their time responding to lawsuits and documenting

    their compliance to lost cases, instead of managing the land

    Countless jobs are lost, resources rendered useless, property

    depreciated or made worthless, city and county tax bases destroyed.

    And the people, young and old? Removed from their homes, livelihoods

    and friends, most will have to struggle to start anew.

    I asked Kieran’s old professor, Pax, a hard question during

    the telephone interview. “What do you think of the pain, human

    suffering, the dismantling of rural communities created by Kieran’s


    The professor’s indifferent answer was a revelation that brought

    Suckling’s environmental philosophy back to its seed. “He doesn’t

    see any other way to proceed in his work without disruption like

    that! He doesn’t do it for the sake of disruption, but he is not

    going to stop his work simply because people are uncomfortable

    with it!”

    I had asked Kieran similar questions in our Tucson meeting.

    Walley: “What about those people you are putting off the land

    and out of work? What is your ethic and social responsibility

    to those humans?”

    Suckling answered slowly and cautiously, choosing each word

    with care and sidestepping the question: “Our government and its

    corporate sponsors have created a system of subsidies that has

    to be abolished. They turned the lands into a commodity. We have

    to get public land users off this welfare system. It is not a

    simple thing to break those chains.”

    Walley: “But what about those people who are suffering during

    this change?”

    Suckling: “As I say, it is not a simple thing. We have entire

    communities that have grown up in this system of land-based government

    subsides. To change that is not a painless thing.”

    Walley: “You, are creating ” Rural Refugees ” !”

    Kieran’s ego finally shows, his speech picks up speed and emphasis:

    “It’s more than rural. I’m dealing with the Grand Canyon, Hoover

    Dam and Los Angeles. Thirteen million people are used to getting

    their water this way, I say that’s great, but we are going to

    show them a different way to do it!”

    Walley: “You are forcing change on society and you are aware

    of it?”

    Suckling: “Yeah! Isn’t that what an activist is! What do you

    think an activist is? We change society!”

    Walley: “Can’t you do this in a humane and gentle way?”

    Suckling: “It is sad, but I don’t hear you put that in a direct

    relationship to the effect on the land. I hear you talk about

    the pain of the people but I don’t see you match that up with

    the pain of the species.”

    Walley (dumbfounded): “What?”

    Suckling: “A loach minnow is more important, than say, Betty

    and Jim’s ranch-a thousand times more important. I’m not against

    ranching, it is a job. My concern is the impact on the land.”


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