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Agenda 21 at work in a small town near you…

Montana-Butte-3b59b8efd4Watching the planning going on in Butte, Montana. Things do not always look or sound as they seem. The planning commission or also the council will be implementing an ordinance that will allow the agency to impose fines on people who have an empty house. These type of restrictions will apply to houses not commercial buildings that have been sitting empty and are “dilapidated”.  A fine of up to $500 dollars a day could be imposed on an owner if they do not comply with the law. This could mean re-roofing a house. This could mean tearing down a house this could mean painting a house. The agency in charge will be the enforcer of said ordinance. This is an ordinance not a law and is in the municipal code. Now these people say an ordinance is a law. But I beg to differ. These are not laws on the law books it is policies that a corporate enterprise is imposing on the people of the county and has no place with the people. I do think that many properties look bad but the county is not doing this to pretty up Butte. This is being done in order to quietly implement another notch in the UN charter called Agenda 21 also known as Agenda 2030. This wonderful organization called the planning commission is implementing the sustainable city. These cities will restrict what can be done in and around them. The bicycle lanes are just the tip of the iceberg. The next we will see is properties being confiscated by the county because a person will be unable to pay the exorbitant fines. These properties will go into a land bank owned by the county.

And lo and behold this wonderful organization called Center for Community Progress will help the counties set up land banks. They will show the county how and help them with the process. The local paper did not tell you that little tidbit did they? The land bank will be for future growth and sustainable development for all. To make a safe and enjoyable life for all people’s. This type of drivel is exactly what the UN Agenda 21 charter tout as a driving force for communities to gain money thru grants from the FED. If the cities and counties do not use these planning resources they will not receive Federal funding to improve anything. Sooo I decide to attend a Council of Commissioner meeting where public comment is being heard.

I was impressed the meeting opened with a  prayer and the pledge of allegiance. I planned to only watch and listen to the issue. Of course after listening to the exchange with the council of commissioners and the man appointed to head up this agency , I decided to put in my “2 cents”. I proceeded to warn the council of commissioners that this was part of the Agenda 21  Strong cities, Strong Communities agenda of sustainable development and that they should tread lightly when considering implementing the  “Vacant Buildings Ordinance”.  The ordinance can carry up to a $500 dollar a day fine,  until the owner comes into compliance with the ordinance. The Center for Community Progress is just another shill for the UN Agenda  and is more than willing to help cities set up these ordinances and take people’s property and put it into a land bank.

There were others  who spoke in support of this ordinance yet they were reticent in their support. These people definitely had concerns that were not clear. Which I feel are warranted with such an ordinance.

After the meeting I met a gentleman that told me of an issue where the Community Enrichment Agency used its heavy hand to remove, what they thought to be an abandoned car. The owner of the property had his car that was damaged by a vandal. The windshield was broken out and he had no time to fix it. So he chose to tarp the car (or cover it so snow and rain do not get inside) and left in completely on his own property. Two weeks later the car disappeared. The owner thought the car had been stolen. He reported it to the local officials. Ultimately the Community Enrichment Agency had towed the car ((STOLEN)) off his land. The Community Enrichment Agency contacted the owner and towed to a location of the owners choosing. According to the gentleman I was talking to there was no accountability for this heavy-handed enforcement.

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