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Example of taking land at any cost……..


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We now have a perfect example again of taking land at any cost. Obama has, by the stroke of a pen taken large swaths of land for a national monument. If this isn’t enough the feds make a point to take land that has been involved in a controversy with the people. The feds did not like the fact that they had to back down so, after enough time has passed and the American people have forgotten all about it. The feds hate to lose, so they stomp their proverbial feet and abuse their power.
The feds had to back off from a land taking, bullying issue and they are like a bully on the play ground. They did not get their own way so they take a different strategy to take the land anyway. They couldn’t take it by buying it, they couldn’t take it by fining the owner, they couldn’t take it by damaging property, they couldn’t take it by force so they use the pen of the white house to take it.
You may say they did not take the land that was privately owned, that may or may not be true! But, by making the property adjacent to the land will mean that the property owner will be put under an exorbitant amount of restriction as to what they will be able to do on the land. If any of the restrictions are violated, even if the restriction goes completely against common sense and constitutional right, fines will be imposed up to and including federal jail time.
We have already seen the federal over reach with the Oregon gentlemen ( Mr Hammond who sits in federal prison). Mr Hammond would not be bullied, he would not sell, he sucked it up and paid fines and still ended up in federal prison. These people know that if they wait out Mrs. Hammond and wait till she is financial troubled or becomes elderly enough to go into a nursing home they will swoop in and take the land. They hope the same thing will happen with the Bundy ranch.

Everyone says “oh they can’t do that” or ” that wouldn’t happen” or even still “why would they do that”.

Those that say these things are in the dark, they are gullible sheeple. They will believe anything the feds tell them.

All over the country as well as the world the land grabs have been going on unchecked and unabated. As long as a fantasy football season is in play there is no one to stop this bunch from implementing Agenda 21 (now known as Agenda 30).

The following articles include eminent domain, and other methods of takings…



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Germany WILL ban the burka: Ministers ‘to order Muslim women to show faces in public’

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GERMAN ministers have said they will bring in an effectual ban on the burka by making it illegal for women not to show their faces in public.

Senior members of Angela Merkel’s ruling coalition struck a compromise after the leader expressed unease about the full face veil, but appeared to come out against officially outlawing it.

They will now not legally ban the burka, but will instead bring in new laws requiring people to show their faces in public streets as well as in courts, offices and schools, which will effectively render the garment illegal.

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Germany Hardens on Immigrants and Islam

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(Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Germany plans to ban the burka. Will states turn a blind eye to anti-migrant violence.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open the door to thousands of immigrants has proven the most significant of her long chancellorship. Every bit as important is her repeated refusal to backtrack. The pragmatist who defined her chancellorship by following public opinion stood firm.

Or, rather, stood firmish. While she has not abandoned her position completely, she has certainly shuffled away from it. German attitudes to both Islam and immigration are hardening in a way that not even Ms. Merkel can resist.

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Slovakia Passes Law Banning Islam from Being a Recognized Religion

Source: Slovakia Passes Law Banning Islam from Being a Recognized Religion

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Eminent Domain rears its ugly head again…..

How soon the American public forgets……. It was not to long ago that people on the east coast were having their property taken away by eminent domain, all for the purpose of increased tax dollars. The couple that had their house taken away from them all for a shopping mall.  The house was bulldozed and the land sits empty.

The following are other examples of eminent domain and a definition of eminent domain;


You may think this is all a good idea for more taxes to go to public needs. The biggest problem with this issue is that when the government or a non-profit does it the price they offer for the luxery to eminent domain someones property is pennies on the dollar. There is no fair market value offered. Once an eminent domain form is signed by the owner they have to accept what is given there is no negotiating price. It is called the legal form of “take it or leave it”. I repeat there is nothing FAIR about it.

Now we have another government organization saying they will eminent domain property on an indian reservation with a long stand treaty to not be disturbed. The corporations involved with the pipeline cutting right thru Standing Rock  reservation land are stickin’ it to the indians again. This time the corporations are saying that the oil pipeline is more important than the indigenous people. Where is the UN Agenda 21 committees on Indigenous people.


Once again whitey is breaking a long-standing treaty with the native people. This issue is not just about the native people it is about the issue of eminent domain and big corporatism.

This eminent domain is against all precepts of our constitution. It is also ethically wrong to just take people’s property to achieve some corporations lust for more.


This is no difference between the Hammonds in Oregon and the Standing Rock issue.. You may say it is very different but when you find out why things are being done it boils down to corporate money. The Hammond land was/is holding up the Uranium mining. The Standing Rock issue  is holding up big corporate oil companies and big bankers.

Just like the BLM the army corps of engineers do not have a legal right to own land in any state.

Does this look familiar?
Does this look familiar?


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See the same thing happening! All for a corporation!


What on earth is the Army Corp of Engineers doing acquiring land for corporations anyway???? This Army Corps of Engineers is not even a legitimate or legal entity that should be telling the American people what they can and cannot do. I will bet you that any documentation and  permits that were required by them were passed with flying colors. I will also  bet you that no mitigation plan for said pipeline was done with DUE DILIGENCE at all. What authority do they have in our states.

Did the mitigation plan include the purchase of land afected by the pipeline probabaly not. This information would be found in the environmental impact statement done by the lead entity of the project.


Please watch these videos to get an understanding of whats happening: