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Fukushima risk is very real…Can you say radiation?…..

These are all very good locations to get information on the Fukushima radiation exposure on the united states west coast.

There are many more and more information available. Look for all the information and get angry.Every one has a stake in this where are the experts to fix this. Where are the ecology activists screaming about this. Why is this not all over in every persons brain with knowledge that this is still an extinction event?


1 thought on “Fukushima risk is very real…Can you say radiation?…..”

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    A cat that my wife had (I’m allergic to them), died of stomach cancer. I immediately thought of possible radiation in the cat food, because of the fish. I wonder, has anybody else noticed that cats are dying of stomach cancer, or is there an increase in the number of cases? If so, then consider the same situation occurring with humans.


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