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Brown is the New Green….

It really hits the core of California’s problem. Not only is “Brown the new green” but he wants to be king of this:


He could walk down his poop filled streets and see all of his peasants that live in his land.



And a final sign that things have completely turned into a **it storm of stupidity and lunatics  running things. Can you say “Nancy Pelosi” “Maxine Waters” “Adam Schiff” “Jerry Brown”


And for the final reason to be king of a state that is turning into an absolute***hole. Oh maybe we better not say this, we should probably talk about the aromatic lined streets of California with lots of “Brown” people.

Oh yes and add to the aroma the nice cool breeze blowing off the beach…..maxresdefault

Can someone explain to me why they stay in this state that is turning into a 3rd world country!??????

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