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Agenda 21/2030 in full aggressive advance….. California…….

California Department of Tax and fees….

This makes Agenda 21/2030 in full swing most people that see this that California is just being taxed to much. Look at this California started building Stack-n-packs (apartment building being built with cargo containers) we have seen bicycle lanes taking away lanes of traffic on main streets in California (called a road diet). We have seen the wonderful planning of sustainable cities, sustainable development. We have seen how planning boards are being educated, brainwashed and coerced into believing sustainable development is for the greater good (of mankind). It only shows that the greed of people that will do anything to maintain a highly paid salary will do and believe anything as long as they keep that salary.

The taxing and fining of people in California and I am sure other areas across the country is just one more step towards the Urbanizing the population.

The aggressive taxing fining and all out charging people in California is a good way to break people and push them into the city. If you loose your license, then your car, it will force you onto mass transit and bicycles. After all wouldn’t you like to go to the doctor on a bicycle or do some grocery shopping.

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