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SEAL obliterates CNN host…

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Idaho being targeted for the Agenda…

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Leaders are waking up to the Agenda….

Maurice Newman, chairman of the Prime Minister's Business Advisory Council

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Go ahead move to Canada….

All those WHITE actors that threaten to move to Canada if Trump were elected should go now. They would be loved in Canada. (Not really) More of the agenda to change a country’s culture to something different not better but something other than what it is.

See this article on the attack on whites….

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Dad carrying protects others and kills gunman…

Of course there is no MSM reporting this good story of a dad protecting others from a crazy gunman at a public place. There would not be as much rating points reporting something positive about guns. And of course don’t ever tell anyone that he was a member of the NRA.

Please read the following, very good report on what happened:

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Glyphosate ruling..cancer causing……

Jury sides with plaintiff that the weed killer Roundup caused cancer on a former school groundskeeper now the truth is out on glyphosate.

This could set a precedent for more than 4,000 similar cases awaiting trial in federal or state courts.

How many children have been exposed to Roundup (glyphosate)?

Why are all these people dressed in hazmat type suits if glyphosate (Roundup) is so safe?

Glyphosate spraying in Oregon forest to keep underbrush down. What does this do to the wildlife?


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College Students don’t know where to get Stamps….



See the source image

College students do not vote in elections by absentee ballot because they have no idea where to purchase postage stamps.

No one has shown then that  I am really stumped that no adult told these kids that stamps could be purchased at almost every grocery store, a post office (maybe!), and at one time I remember you could buy stamps at ATM machines. Hey here is an idea they can buy stamps online what a concept.

This is one of the ultimate “unbelievable”, I am in complete disbelief this is right up there with thinking milk comes from a carton,  having your parents go to a job interview with you after graduating college.

Ultimately we are seeing the result of everyone gets a trophy and no one loses at anything, along with teaching to the lowest learner in a classroom. No running on a playground, everyone lines up at a door and the only person who opens it is a teacher.

There are no words for how dumbed down our young have gotten.

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San Fran …3rd world country….

This issue in San Fransisco is just ridiculous. Typical of California politicians being more concerned about being green and taking care of people that don’t care about our country.



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Geoengineering Exposé Mass Press Release To 30,000 Media & Agency Contacts — Geoengineering Watch

Dane Wigington If we are to have any chance of prevailing in the battle to expose and halt the ongoing global climate intervention assault, every available method of spreading credible data must be utilized. 22 more words

via Geoengineering Exposé Mass Press Release To 30,000 Media & Agency Contacts — Geoengineering Watch