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Glyphosate ruling..cancer causing……

Jury sides with plaintiff that the weed killer Roundup caused cancer on a former school groundskeeper now the truth is out on glyphosate.

This could set a precedent for more than 4,000 similar cases awaiting trial in federal or state courts.

How many children have been exposed to Roundup (glyphosate)?

Why are all these people dressed in hazmat type suits if glyphosate (Roundup) is so safe?

Glyphosate spraying in Oregon forest to keep underbrush down. What does this do to the wildlife?


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Columbia River Fish closings Why…

Columbia river fishing is gone folks and it is Not Global Warming!


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Columbia River will have no fish due to radiactive waste leaking…

Welcome to Hanford!
Welcome to Hanford!

Look at these articles. Proof that Hanford is a poison on the land and the Columbia River. All the “save the salmon” and the taking of land for conservation is a bunch of bunk now. There are many youtube videos about this also.

Everyone mush pressure the FEDS to stop the madness. Where are all the environmentalists????

Guns are the least of thier worries now!! Ya think!
Guns are the least of their worries now!! Ya think!
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Fukushima.. warning….

Watch this video and get educated on radiation exposure.

Don’t deny what is happening in the world.

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One More thing proving Climate Change is a hoax….

Star fish die off west coast
Star fish die off west coast

It obviously is never about the fish or the frog or tortoise or the bears or the plankton or the bug. For years people of the earth have been saying that animals and mammals are going endangered or extinct. People have been lied to.  Believing that we need to throw lots of money into conservation. People have been lied to and made to believe that only organized conservation will save all species. They have been brainwashed into believing man is the biggest threat to animal (flora and fauna) on the planet. Well they are half right. The big money people who want it all to themselves are the culprit. The world leaders have gone so far as state that “animals” should have the same rights as people. The world court has had lawsuit after lawsuit representing animals because tier environment and right to live is in jeopardy. Yet, now the biggest threat to animals is currently taking place and the people of the world are being lied to.

pilot whale die off
pilot whale die off



Bird die off Alaska
Bird die off Alaska

The UN has launched a whole world-wide movement to save the whole earth and give animals rights in the world court.

The pope even jumped on board for environmental justice.

Well I think all of these people who jumped on board with the movement have been lied to and have lied to themselves (these are called deniers). The people who voted for taxes in Vancouver,  Washington for conservation have been bilked.

Put into conservation to save something like salmon or some bug or some other fish?
Put into conservation to save something like salmon or some bug or some other fish?

All the billions and billions of dollars spent and all land taken for conservation of species is for NOT. The whole Pacific Ocean and ALL of the sea life are DEAD. The Fukushima melt down has been leaking for FIVE years. The rivers have very little fish returning . The species that depend on the fish are starving.  The eco system that was so precious to save, enough so they had to take people’s land for conservation, is now in a death spiral due to radiation leaking into the pacific ocean.

Fukishima before the tsunami!
Fukushima before the tsunami!


Fukishima after the tsunami!
Fukushima after the tsunami!

The nuclear plume in the ocean has reached the west coast of the America. The whole of Japan is one big nuclear disaster.Radiation in Pacific Ocean released by NOAA                                                     Radiation in Pacific Ocean picture released by NOAA

Look where it got you now  there are no more fish in the Pacific Ocean.

Fish die off California
Fish die off California

I will call the people who are still thumping the Climate Change mantra stupid and insolent. Wake up people the Pacific Ocean fish DIE OFF is not, I repeat,  DIE OFF , is not due to  “el Nino” or “el Nina” or any other climate change option you want to believe. The DIE off is happening because no one will stop the biggest disaster in world history, of our time. The spent fuel rods are still 5 years later leaking into the pacific ocean.

And they said Nuclear Energy was green. WHAT IS SO GREEN ABOUT IT NOW?

Please watch the following video about Fukushima:

This will be the most important video you will watch today.

creature die off in Singapore
creature die off in Singapore
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Save the Columbia River or are they?…

Yes the water is reddish brown
Yes the water is reddish-brown

Untill this week the beginning waters of what flows eventually into the Columbia River was not defined as a creek that needed to be cleaned as part of the Butte Superfund cleanup.

In short the EPA argued that a section of silver bow creek was a “metro  storm drain”. This “metro storm drain”which in fact is part of silver bow creek flows thru an area with mine tailing that are far more toxic than most of the tailings area that have been cleaned. The EPA decided that for some reason water does not flow year round in this section of the creek that it is just a runoff drainage ditch. When snow melts it IS full of water.  This very same runoff water flows freely down silver bow creek into the Clark fork, then to lake Pend Oreille and into the Columbia River. This water is full of toxins and heavy metals.

Now you can look at the diagram and see that originally the creek received water from the pit. Today people deny that the water comes from the pit. Why then does the storm drain only have water from runoff flow in it and during summer time it appears dry.I find it very fascinating that people have bought into cleaning up the Columbia River, the Clark Fork and all tributaries that flow into each of these rivers. If you look at history (back to Lewis and Clark expedition)

OverMap_BSBC5year_FigsPend_Oreille_River_MapI don’t know about you but I would think that cleaning the bottom of the car is counter productive if you haven’t cleaned the top first. Or maybee clean the top of the window before you clean the bottom of a window. If you don’t clean the top first gravity pulls the dirt down in water and you have to clean the bottom again. Maybe I am to logical when it comes to how you should clean something. Maybe that is why they are cleaning all the tributaries that flow into the major rivers. In this way if(IF) there is an accident (right) then all the clean water will dilute the bad water before it reaches the ocean.

If the pit spills? then silver bow creek and the clark fork and lake Pend Oreille then the Columbia river will look like the Animas River!

Animas River after mine waste spill
Animas River after mine waste spill


Why spend so much money (taxpayer money) buying up land for conservation. Why work the public into a fervor to clean the rivers? Why prey on the public sentiment and victimology to gain access to land and more money? If only to ignore the original headwaters to the Columbia River? The EPA says that the water is not deep enough to be concerned about. The EPA want to wait till the depth gets precarious then they will do something about it. But they really don’t have a real clue because they say we don’t have the technology!

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Eco Systems have rights…

Can you believe this?
They , whoever they are, have been fighting for the right to have an eco systems “Right to Exist” just like you and I as humans. So, at this point, if it does become law, then if you or I do something like walk on the wrong plant you could be jailed for “killing” part of the eco system. What if your kids are playing in the woods, like they do, then the family could be in bug trouble. A family could be completely devastated, paying huge fines and or having the children taken away from them for allowing your kids to abuse an eco system. Read the following links to get an idea of what they are accomplishing in the ecology movement.

right to exist watershed

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Berkley Pit, the EPA and the Columbia River…

A little brief history for those of you that do not know of the Berkeley Pit and the effects on the Columbia River.

I thought it was bad enough that the Army Corps of Engineers wanted to dredge the river and dump the spoils on the crab grounds outside of the mouth of the Columbia River.

Living in and around the mouth of the Columbia River we were victims of the save salmon bunch, who by the way is implementing the Agenda 21 charter, I saw the fervor and nasty fighting about the health and welfare of the river itself and the fish. Oh by the way it is never really about the fish or animals or insect or plants,it is about big money. Not just at the highest corporate level, it is also, about the one on the ground, that is paid by grant money.

You see, the way government moneys work “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. This means that if you acquired a grant for $10 dollars you best use all $10 or the next grant cycle you will get less. That also means the one person hired specifically with the grant money will also lose their job, because the money will not be there for them to work.

The NGO (non-governmental organization)work on the Columbia River has been working for nearly 20 years with this idea in mind. You use it or lose it then you lose a paid employee. Then those with the money no longer spend money in the community. Then those people need to move to find another job in their expertise. Boy sounds bad considering these are the same people who think small communities need to have their lively hoods taken away in order to save the what ever.

berkeley pit

Now we look at the Berkeley pit. You ask how does the pit related to the Columbia River? Very good question, especially since it is located in Butte, Montana. The Berkeley pit is a big pit created by mining operations that date back to 1955. There was mining on the hill dating back to 1864 first gold then silver and the big money-maker copper. The pit is a mile wide by 1/2 mile long and 1780 feet deep. The soil has been leaching minerals for years into the water in the pit. The water that is heavily acidic (2.5 pH), about the acidity of cola or lemon juice. As a result, the pit is laden with heavy metals and dangerous chemicals that leach from the rock, including copper, arsenic, cadmium, zinc, and sulfuric acid.

Keep in mind if the pit spills it’s water, where will it go??

Now enter the EPA. The Columbia river has been one of the main rivers on the EPA and UN radar. It is a big river and is a main source for electricity for the northwest. It supports large shipping in and out to the world. What has taken place at the mouth of the river is a fervor to make the river as pristine as it was when Lewis and Clark lay on the logs during a long winter storm. The EPA has given every regulation that is needed to take land, clean land push out the nominal land owners in the name of cleaning the environment.

EPA and the Berkeley pit is a conundrum. The EPA has announced that the water in the Pit will not be pumped out and cleaned until  The water level is at 5319 the critical water level is 5410 above sea level. The critical water level number means this is when they(whoever they are) will start-up the water treatment plant to empty the pit or at least reduce the water level. The treated water will be released into Silver Bow Creek that empties into the Clark fork that empties into Lake Pendoreille that then empties into THE Columbia river.

The problem with this is the potential for sloughing kind of like calving with an iceberg. The soil surrounding the pit becomes unstable due to weather and other man-made conditions and it sloughs off falling into the pit. The water displacement is at a potential enough level to spill out of the pit. Kind of like sticking your hand in a full bucket of water, what happens to that water?

In the mean time they are telling the people of Butte that the water treatment is not needed until 2023.  BUT preparations to bring the plant online will start in 2019, at which time they will reevaluate the situation in case new technology is available to implement.

What I think and other experts have also stated is that the water cannot be treated enough to bring it up to drinking standards and EPA really doesn’t know what to do. So the smoke and mirrors have been giving them time to maybe come up with a process to actually treat the water.

The areas in and around Butte, Montana have been the largest Superfund sight in the country for 30 years. Much of the soil cleanup is nearing completion. This means the many employed working on the soil cleanup will have to move on. The next phase of work is the water treatment. Currently the EPA is waiting, why? Could it be they have no idea how to treat the water? Could it be they really do not want to spend the money on water treatment? Or could it be the simple “Use it or Lose it” theory. Let the water contaminate the creeks and rivers, the soils and the people. All of a sudden it becomes the biggest Superfund sight again. The money flows and every who might have lost their job are now on for another 30 years. Yay win win right?

Ask yourself what will happen to the Columbia River, Clark Fork, Lake Pondereille if in fact the water from the Berkeley pit begins to flow into these waterways. For 30 years these water ways have been being cleaned. The money that has been spent to mitigate fish, wetlands and big business has been in the billions. Frankly if they let the water flow they(NGO’s, Army Corp of Engineers, Fish and Wildlife and others) need to give us back our farm and compensate us for  the grief of losing it to them in the first place. The cleaned rivers and soils will need to be cleaned again. More land taken for habitat and more land mitigated for fish, wildlife and plant life. (More land taken) and for what because they(EPA) couldn’t see the snowball effect dealing with a Superfund sight or maybe they actually did see it?

columbia river at sunset

Relax everyone BP is in charge, 50 thousand barrels a day for weeks spewing into the gulf, when asked about it “its a big ocean I’m going sailing” the BP CEO Tony Hayward. And of course our top CEO in charge of the EPA is golfing. All is well.



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Weighing in on Mudslide….

Mudslides are an act of God, YES. But there are man made disasters in the making. The “save the this and that bunch” have some of the best engineers, geo-science professionals on their payrolls. They know from all of the studies they do, that if they do certain things to the environment and geography that certain other things will happen. Then they can have plausible deniability on an act of GOD.

The worst part of this is the realtors that keep right on selling property that is in the zone of “save the this and that bunch” whether it be a slide zone, flood zone, hurricane zone, tsunami zone, etc.

What I know to be true is that realtors can be told first hand what is going to be done by these “save the this and that bunch” especially the save the salmon bunch and still not disclose the information to potential buyers. I have witnessed this first hand in Washington State.

There was a property that changed hands 3 times and each homeowner dealt with a problem worse each time. The save the salmon bunch kept making the problem worse until the last owner was flooded so bad that her house was no longer livable. The projects that were done on a neighboring property caused the flooding. But of course the save the salmon bunch made her out to be a loon.

The property flooded by an NGO (Columbia Land Trust)
The property flooded by an NGO (Columbia Land Trust)

The realtor knew what was happening and what would happen yet he kept right on selling the property to the next person. What happened to full disclosure? What happened to being a responsible fiduciary?

Realtors seem to think that it is not important enough to fully disclose the information and that they are untouchable in the eyes of the law. They are dealing with the most important CONTRACTS of a person’s life and yet they think that little things like a potential landslide is not important enough to disclose. Or a yearly freshet that will not allow you to your house for days on end is a trivial point. Or a saturated ground that cause trees to fall on your house is frivolous. These kinds of disclosed pieces of information would put a stop to them making money and that of course would not be appropriately sustainable.


Recommended read:

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Trade off…

Anytime there is a controversial plan for something related to energy the ecology groups and earth-firsters come out in droves. They will create an environment of controversy enough for the different companies to bend a little. They (big companies) have their own requirements when doing any project. The biggest one is their mitigation plan. In plain English how much land will they set aside to offset the amount of land that they use for their project along with how much land will be affected by doing business. If they don’t buy land outright to put into conservation themselves they may donate the money to a mitigation bank that is being steward’s by a trust (i.e. non-profit). Mitigation banking was established in the early 90’s, to satisfy a U.N. policyon environment. Makes it real easy for big business to satisfy EPA policy just pour some money into a NGO that stewards land???

I saw this take place live on the Columbia River. This issue started with need for the Columbia river to be dredged. The Columbia River normally gets dredged for maintenance. This time was different, they said that the river needed to be dredged deeper than ever before. Now why would it have to be dredged deeper. Then the announcement was made, if 4200 acres of ditched a diked flood plain was returned to the lower Columbia estuary, then it would be safe to dredge the river.

The 4200 acres was to save the salmon. The purchasing of land for salmon recovery took off like a rocket. This would make it sustainable for salmon. (see the word sustainable).  For the next 5 years NGO’s working with GO’s started every project they could dig up, to save the salmon. They also bought land like crazy, (only if they could buy it for nothing) even with unethical business practices, to get it.

With save the salmon moneys 4200 acres did not have to be purchased, as long as 4200 acres of floodplain were returned to the lower Columbia estuary. Often times this meant buying a piece of land and creating a flood plain that also flooded other Peoples land.  This accomplished big business moved in and announced the building of a Liquid Natural Gas terminal(for the loading and discharging LNG in bulk). The LNG ships needed the river to be deeper. The land that was flooded all on the Washington side of the river. And FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)chose the location on the Oregon side , for the terminal. Trade off, Trade off, Trade off.

The mitigation plan complete for the LNG terminal and how much land would be affected by the LNG ships as well as the operation of business at the terminal. All is safe for the fish and everything is then sustainable.