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Degradation of society…….

You know things are upside down when…

Berkley would not allow a Gay Man to speak at the University. The bastion of free speech in the sixties.

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Young people, called the millennial’s, have a parent attend a job interview with and/or for them.

Antifa calls people fascist when in fact they are the fascist.

LA is painting the streets white in order to combat global warming.

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People are being encouraged to keep a window open when operating a air conditioner in order to cool the air outside.

San Francisco has so much Human feces and heroin needles, in public places, that it takes 30 million a year to clean it up.

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Free speech is only speech that is sanctioned.

The super elite want to move off planet and are willing to pay trillions of dollars to do it.

Those that are protected by gun toting guards want guns taken away from regular hard working people.

University students need safe places and”free speech zones”.

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Violent demonstrations are allowed to take place, over peaceful ones.

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People are allowed to threaten the president and nothing is done.

Statues of our history (good or bad) trigger people.

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It’s more preferable to help a criminal stay a criminal rather than helping an upstanding legal person.See the source image

People put fart bags on cows in order to keep from putting methane in the air to reduce the cows carbon footprint.See the source image

We need to save the planet so you can’t use plastic straws.

Decorum is not in peoples vocabulary, let alone not even a thought.

Ethics are bad and bad behavior is good.

An idiot can be elected to the house and people actually voted for her.

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Our Land, We pay for it…

I am sick and tired of hearing about our memorials and parks being barricaded by this so called government. Why aren’t more people shouting from the house tops about the parks and monuments being closed due to a government shut down. The parks and memorials were paid for by tax payers (you and I). They are maintained by taxpayers(you and I). Our constitution allows us (taxpayers to stand up and tell the government what we the taxpayers want. After all you and I pay their salaries.

The parks and monuments are mostly open air, why are they barricaded?  This administration is thumbing their noses at you and I. The politicians are thumbing their noses at you and I. They are dysfunctional. They are acting like children on the playground fighting over a ball. I do believe “women and children have been put in charge”. It’s in the, bible look it up. This is no accusation against women. It refers to the emotionalism. If this is not balanced it will lead to dysfunctional behavior.

None of this is about Obamacare. None of this is about which side is right. None of this is about party politics. It is all about stubborn insubordinate children getting their own way. Their own way is what each and everyone of them can get for their bank account or what favor someone will do for them.

The people with the money always blame the consuming American, what about them. The instant gratification of our politicians has run a muck. The entitlement of our politicians has gone way past what the American people are. The complaint about the price the politician has to pay for a meal is childish,egotistical, narcissistic, greedy.

The so called adults on the hill have become like children acting mature. Key word acting . They are playing a big game and doing nothing. They want more but do not want anyone else to get it. It is money and prestige and POWER has completely corrupted.

This whole mess with the government shut down is just another way for government to destroy the American way, our constitution and have us the people that pay them accept anything the politician does and says. This another destruction of our lives.

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

 Adolf Hitler quotes (German Chancellor, leader of the Nazi party, 18891945)