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Okay…. here we go….. Climate Talk, Violent Change, Violent Climate, Talk Change, Talk Climate, Change Violent, Change Talk


Climate changes all of the time one day it is sunny another day it could be snowing or raining.

Talk is not violent after all, heads of state talk all of the time to avoid violence. All the pundit’s say that we have to have a “national conversation about this or that”. So why is talk violent?

Could someone tell me where these sapposedly very intelligent people are coming up withe these stupid phrases? That don’t even apply to reality!!!!

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Halloween on the farm….

I am breaking from the normal post of politics and Agenda 2030 and going to share a little memory about the life on the farm……..

steph as power rangerpaul as link

I know Halloween is over and done with and all the little tikes are now whining about the candy and getting their sugar highs. And many a parent are scolding their kids for eating too much but hey, the parents are eating it just as much as the kids! So why complain about your kids, right?

I thought I would share a fond memory of living life on the farm. The kids had picked out the costume they wanted and I told them I would make them. After all, I had my mothers old singer sewing machine. My daughter wanted to be the red Power Ranger and my son wanted to be Link from one of his video games. I made patterns and cut out all the material. The night before Halloween, which was a school day, I sat up after the kids went to bed and started sewing. The house was quiet and serene. The chickens were bedded down and all was quiet.

The sewing machine was working kinda wonky and I kept sewing.  The Link costume done, I turned to the Power Ranger costume. The unthinkable happened, the sewing machine gave up the ghost. Frustrated, to say the least,  it was about 1:30 in the morning,  I turned to sewing by hand. Feverishly hand sewing the costume. I finished both costumes just in time to wake the kids for school.

Making breakfast the kids dressed in their costumes. They looked good (see pictures) neither child knew the wiser and both costumes lasted the day at school and a whole evening of trick or treating. These are the memories of living a life raising kids.

That morning broke with a little sun in the morning with water dripping from the trees from the night rain. Serene and clear. The evening of Halloween was dry and cold and lots of treats were had.

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Agenda 21 in under 5 minutes…

Must see for understanding of what when how and why Agenda 21. Very good video.

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Counting on lack of emotional development….

my name is victimWhy do you think things are happening right before your eyes.

The system does the insidious of give lots of bad news and hideous actions then once in a while they throw a bone to the people to just keep a little hope alive. If there is just a little hope in people they can be manipulated easier.

There is always something dramatic going on that everyone will talk about and consume their time with. Just like a soap opera or junior high school. This in itself is arrested emotional development of the masses. The work place has become full of people who do not have the maturity to be in the high management positions that they are in. These same people are given tools to manage without the knowledge and understanding of how to use the tools in a moral, ethical or honest way.

definitions of arrested emotional development (links):


The people in charge of the nanny state are counting on your lack of emotional development. They prey on it. This is done by catering to the political correct. The political correct police are operating under the fear of their trauma as a kid. They are emotionally arrested by whatever they are offended by.

At one time these people were told they had a problem and needed to grow up.  Some people really WANTED to change so they did. The hard work and pain of growing up isn’t easy but it can be done if they WANT it. Now most people are offended if they are told to grow up. It is easier to go in and get a pill to fix the problem. This kind of problem cannot be fixed thru a pill. It takes facing issues and growing up. People will not take the time effort and pain to grow up.

The triggers of child hood trauma are all around us. The government panders to it. As long as every politician pander to the arrested emotional development then racism, discrimination, gender neutrality, ecology fears, economical fears will continue to be part of the head lines.

Sustainability is the key word that makes those people feel better.  After all the definition os sustainability: the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed. Makes people feel warm and fuzzy like they ar being completely taken care of. Somewhere their parents didn’t make them feel this way so they look to government to fix that pain.



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Enjoy the fourth, But please remember WHY?

Enjoy the Fourth!! But Remember why!
Enjoy the Fourth!! But Remember why!


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Chickens on the roam… free range!

We did have a 60 acre yard to hike on play and explore. One thing we did do was raise chickens. Our chickens were truely free range chickens. My kids were young when we raised these chickens. We have memories of getting up early in the morning rain or shine and opening the coup to let them out. Scratching (feeding them corn scratch) the chickens. Every spring we would watch for the first hen to sit. Then the counting of days would start. In 21 days new chicks.

chicken in yard

I remember the first day I discovered a piping chick. (The first break in the egg) It was a very warm day and I had stepped into the coup to check on the nests for eggs. I heard a very faint peep peep. The hen had jumped off the nest to get water and eat. I stepped over to the nest to see a little hole in one of the eggs. I watch a little beak break more of the shell. The peep-peep became louder, momma hen came back to the nest and popped up on top and covered her eggs. As she settled down on the eggs another faint peep-peep came from under her. The next morning she had 3 chicks under her healthy and strong. Once again the count is on. Three days from the first pip momma leaves the nest. Time to get the chicks feeding on bugs and grass and drinking water. The third morning we discovered a little chick on the ground outside of the nest and an egg in the nest with a pip hole . My daughter scooped up the chick, cold as ice, cuddled it against her body, warming the chick. I picked up the last egg and into the house we went. I had purchased a cheap kids incubator that held 3 incubator

Into the incubator the egg went. My daughter still holding the chick, watched with anticipation “will it live mom?” responding” I don’t know , we’ll just have to see”. Within minute the chick she held started with a weak peep. As the chick warmed, with her body heat, the peep became louder. within ten minutes she held a stong little chick. Into a box in the kitchen with a heat lamp warming the chick. Hours later, my daughter checking every 20 minutes or more, the chick in the incubator was free from the shell and standing strong. Into the box with its brood mate. That evening after the chickens were all in the coop bedded down, we put the 2 chicks under mom so the bonding could take place. The next morning after letting the chickens out of the coop the 2 chicks that we saved were following mom strong and healthy.

With every new sitting’ hen, my daughter would watch for the hen to leave the nest with her new brood. After 5 years of chicks my daughter only lost two chick.(My daughter was 2 when she started saving these chicks).hen nesting

What a lesson in life and death.

These are the precious memories made on your own land. These are the experiences that form a person’s character. These are the observations in life that give a person wisdom. Life’s lessons are learned on the rugged exterior of a home not the interior of a cell phone.

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Mother of the CENTURY…

Best descrption ever!
Best description ever!

This is a wake up call to all parents who really care for their kids! More parents should be teaching their kids RIGHT from Wrong. This is a display of a she-bear who is righteously angry at what her own son was participating in. Yes, yes, yes. more parents need to step up and quit being afraid of the PC police that think this is wrong and that this mother, was in the wrong. Her kids will have a chance in life. At least she is doing something!

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Shanghaeid in Astoria….

Soon after we left the farm we landed in Astoiria, Oregon.  My son got involved with a local production called SHANGHAIED IN ASTORIA . It is a very interesting production utilizing local talent. The group of people were a tight group and brought multiple facets to the production. This production brings together the stereotypical ethnicities of Astoria. Astoria had a large population of finnish, Scandinavian and Norwegian. The humor of the Irish sea-captain, the not so smart Norwegian, a few finnish brothers and the influence of a very lucrative madame. Astoria was known for fishing and logging. The town was full of bars and churches on every corner it also had more brothels than churches and bars put together. Most establishments: the hardware store, the blacksmith, the mercantile, and the barber always had a side door that led to ladies of the night. Many a man told their wives they were going to the hardware store on a regular basis. This history added lots of color to Astoria.

Being shanghaied was a forced conscription. Verbal history tells us that men would be knocked in the head after getting inebriated,  dropped thru the Shanghai trap door and taken out to a ship. The shanghaied person would wake the next morning on a ship sailing to parts unknown. Many a trouble maker were not seen again for years. There are several bars in Astoria that still have the Shanghai trap door.

At the end of the season the cast would have a little fun and trade roles the guys would dress up as the dance hall girls and the girls would dress as the villain, or the finnish fisherman. This was called the Topsey Turvey. A good fundraiser for the Astor Street Opry Company.

The following pictures are of members of the cast at the Topsey Turvey Ball (several years ago);

topsyturvy6 topsyturvy4topsyturvy5  topsyturvy3 topsyturvy2 topsyturvy1When visiting Astoria put “SHANGHAIED IN ASTORIA” on your list of things to do!