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People world wide have had enough…


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Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Prague, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.



The people of these countries have had enough of the crimes being committed by the wave of immigrants that have no respect for the laws of these countries. The people in these countries are tired of the slap on the wrist that these perpetrators get for committing a crime against very young girls. Sometimes these crimes are being committed by 50 men on one victim. These countries have had enough of the madness that has invaded every part of their lives, all in the name of multiculturalism.

Speech is being criminalized. If you speak the truth you will be jailed, censored, banished, ostracized. Every part of Europe have been under suppression so long that the frustration  of not knowing whom will be insulted by a word that the truth can no longer be suppressed. The truth will no longer be silenced.

See the source imageThese revolutionary  protests have been kicked off, because the truth was being revealed by a reporter in the U.K, He was arrested for showing the truth. The truth needed to be squelched, scupper,  suppress · quelled · quashed · subdued · put down · put an end to · crushed · squashed · extinguished · stamped out · put a stop to · stopped · ended · nip in the bud · defeated · conquered · routed.


The world is saying enough!

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Move if you don’t like How things are done…..


I have not weighed in on all the hoopla around Donald Trump and the election but I think it is time….

With all of the colleges and Universities treating our 20 somethings like little kids that need a hug. I am really appalled at the incitement of the young, to take to the streets and protest. The protesting is a real way to start a move like the 60’s but I do not remember anyone beating pregnant women on the way to the hospital or braking car windows to get your point across.

I think that the ultimate dumbing down of our youth has finally happened, when college campuses have to provide group hugs, scheduled “cry-ins”, post-election safe spaces with bubbles, Legos,Play-Doh,  hot chocolate, therapy dogs, coloring books, calming music and videos of puppies. Even going so far as to “cancel scheduled test”!

I knew that Agenda 21 had plans to dumb down people make them weak and re-engineer people’s thinking. Real social engineering. Between the vaccines and the trophies and the entitlements that have been thrust upon them. The cradle to grave agenda is working.  These kids that are now in College are the kids that have been brainwashed into believing that the oceans are rising, the icebergs all over the world are disappearing, the rain is stopping, the ozone is being eaten up, and the rain forest is all but gone, along with much much more. The environment is in severe peril that all human life must cease to exist for this planet to live. Mommy and daddy government is the only hope for the environment.

The college student today has never seen real trials and tribulations in their life. They have never had to gather food to eat. They have never had to fix something to keep it running. They have never had to really count their pennies just to eat. They have never had to walk to get anywhere. They have never had to go without.

The college student today are the most pampered, mollycoddled, spoiled, pandered to, overindulged and  over-protected. These kids have been abuse by their parents. Theses kids parents have lied to them. They have been using them. They have been playing games with them. These kids have had an injustice done to them by their parents and every adult in their life.

Why are these kids even using every penny to stay in college and get an education. Number one an education is highly overrated. Number these kids know nothing when they graduate. And number three they don’t care if they know anything.

These entitled kids are truly disenfranchised. But not for the reasons you think. Many of them are so brainwashed and disillusion at life that they have no hope. With no hope there is no desire to improve. With no hope they have no faith, no faith in anything. Unfortunately they don’t even feel inadequate. They have been given an inflated sense of who they are but they have not been given any hope.

Someone has given them another brainwashing. They think they have been jilted. So they protest, unfortunately they have been stirred up to a frenzy by an organization that wants them to believe that our democracy is wrong and they should change it. They have also been led to believe that their feelings are the only thing that matters, so you change everyone else to suit your feelings.

So my suggestion is to buck-up buttercup, quit being a mamby-pamby, get over it , grow some cojones, quit your cry-ins quit playing with your plah-doh, get some counselling from a real professional and quit your complaining.



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Free Men & Women on Land Jurisdiction in America – Slavery vs Liberty | Morning Liberty Program – Uncovering Truth That They Don’t Want You To Know About

All forms of law except Natural Law (Law of Gravity, Law of Heredity, etc.) come from religion. This is because our religion establishes what we consider “right” and “wrong” and that in turn establishes our Law.

Source: Free Men & Women on Land Jurisdiction in America – Slavery vs Liberty | Morning Liberty Program – Uncovering Truth That They Don’t Want You To Know About

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EPA Fines Wyoming Man $16 Million for Building a Pond on His Property |

Another example of how lives are being destroyed by unalected government agencies. EPA is not to make law yet they get to enforce rules on American people and take  everything from them.

Source: EPA Fines Wyoming Man $16 Million for Building a Pond on His Property |

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Okay…. here we go….. Climate Talk, Violent Change, Violent Climate, Talk Change, Talk Climate, Change Violent, Change Talk


Climate changes all of the time one day it is sunny another day it could be snowing or raining.

Talk is not violent after all, heads of state talk all of the time to avoid violence. All the pundit’s say that we have to have a “national conversation about this or that”. So why is talk violent?

Could someone tell me where these sapposedly very intelligent people are coming up withe these stupid phrases? That don’t even apply to reality!!!!

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Ban, Ban, Ban it’s offensive….


Ban the gun! Ban the gun! Ban the gun! as Hillary Clinton rides!

So let’s do behavioral modification in the workplace so we are all the same. After all A YOGA Studio in Seattle is doing it with an all colored class, NO WHITES ALLOWED! Okay for a long time I have known Seattle is not the place to live, great place to visit! I grew up in Seattle. I was part of the Boeing family as we called it then. I even purchased my first home in Seattle. So for me to say it is only a good place to visit, that’s saying something.

“Brown Bag” is not allowed in the work place because it is racist!lunch1

Portland school district you cannot take a “Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich to school” you will be tagged a racist?  Figure that one out?!!!!??


So now we have Oxford University Press banning the word pig and sausages from books in order to NOT offend.


Source: Pork Products Face Workplace Ban For Being ‘Offensive’

Perfect example of how to destroy history to not offend someone!

Sleeping Comfortably While White is racist. Can we change our color at night so we aren’t racist.

The EPA says plants do not need sun light it is bad for plants. Plants increase our carbon footprint. I remember science class teaching that plants create oxygen for us living on this planet.

Reaching for the SUN!
Reaching for the SUN!


EVERYONE SOUNDS LIKE A BABY! I don’t like this…I don’t like that… don’t say those things it makes me sad.. You hurt my feelings when you say that… It’s offensive when you eat that… Don’t raise your voice you’re hurting me… that should not be allowed….don’t say mommy … don’t say daddy…. don’t say he… don’t say she…. don’t say that it offends someone…don’t do that it offends someone… don’t eat that it offends ….

Pretty soon the dictionary for America will be about as bug as a kids coloring book. It will have all the offensive words taken out and will leave everything we can say.

my name is victim

All of this is the Agenda 2030 social engineering, dumbing down of America, victimizing the weak and foolish, create true turmoil amongst family, turn brother  against brother, turn neighbor against neighbor. Next they will implement Shiria law and the dumb American will go along with it because it will be politically acceptable.




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Counting on lack of emotional development….

my name is victimWhy do you think things are happening right before your eyes.

The system does the insidious of give lots of bad news and hideous actions then once in a while they throw a bone to the people to just keep a little hope alive. If there is just a little hope in people they can be manipulated easier.

There is always something dramatic going on that everyone will talk about and consume their time with. Just like a soap opera or junior high school. This in itself is arrested emotional development of the masses. The work place has become full of people who do not have the maturity to be in the high management positions that they are in. These same people are given tools to manage without the knowledge and understanding of how to use the tools in a moral, ethical or honest way.

definitions of arrested emotional development (links):


The people in charge of the nanny state are counting on your lack of emotional development. They prey on it. This is done by catering to the political correct. The political correct police are operating under the fear of their trauma as a kid. They are emotionally arrested by whatever they are offended by.

At one time these people were told they had a problem and needed to grow up.  Some people really WANTED to change so they did. The hard work and pain of growing up isn’t easy but it can be done if they WANT it. Now most people are offended if they are told to grow up. It is easier to go in and get a pill to fix the problem. This kind of problem cannot be fixed thru a pill. It takes facing issues and growing up. People will not take the time effort and pain to grow up.

The triggers of child hood trauma are all around us. The government panders to it. As long as every politician pander to the arrested emotional development then racism, discrimination, gender neutrality, ecology fears, economical fears will continue to be part of the head lines.

Sustainability is the key word that makes those people feel better.  After all the definition os sustainability: the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed. Makes people feel warm and fuzzy like they ar being completely taken care of. Somewhere their parents didn’t make them feel this way so they look to government to fix that pain.



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Political Correctness, the PC police, is it dieing…

Appropriateness of this cartoon is uncanny! Silence the perceived offensiveness!
Appropriateness of this cartoon is uncanny! Silence the perceived offensiveness!

I find it interesting that if you point out to people, that Donald Trump is speaking plain english, they think you are completely mad. The same people think that he is an idiot!? Really? If he was such an idiot then why is he such a rich man? Is it because he is just lucky? Not! Is it because he’s a moron! I don’t think so.! Is it because he has a sugar daddy by his side? Not on your life. Is it because he was born with a silver spoon? Maybe! Is it because he bucks the system? Possibly! Is it because someone else is carrying him! Bless your heart if you think so.

The biggest message is that he speaks NON politically correct. He speaks to the people the way the people speak. Main stream Americans know that lifetime career politicians lie. Everyday Americans are tired of the lieing politician. Everyday Americans are tired of the few dictating our lives. With this regulation and that regulation. They are tired of the poor victim who gets their own way because they are offended by brown bag, or peanut butter and jelly, or maybe laptop or computer. Maybe even offended by someone else owning something they don’t own like land or a certain type of car/house.

The Trump is speaking to the people who are tired of the invasive language the press use when asking questions. They are tired of seeing the incorrect be correct. They are tired of the liars getting their own way.

The regular everyday American who is trying to raise a family and hang onto the America that our forefathers founded are tired of seeing America become a cesspool of victims, loafers, free loaders and con-men/women. These same Americans have been promised things by politicians, sometimes for 30 years that they will do something for the American people and it never happens. These same politicians tell everyone what they want to hear while campaigning, then when they get into office they completely ignore the American people.  They dupe the American people into thinking that they will make the changes that will help the American people. What have any of them done to help the American people?  The answer is squat.

Donald Trump speaks literal. Donald Trump is speaking with out all the political correct politeness. He also speaks without the filter that the political parties mandate. Political correctness creates fear mongering. Political correctness panders to the feel sorry for me bunch. Political correctness takes choices away from the American people. Political correctness is destroying the American.

I like the people who talk about the Trump flip-flopping on issues. Number one everyone has in their lifetime, it’s called “changing your mind”. Everyone does it! Politicians are not supposed to do it because they are to represent the people of our land. Trump has not been in government office. That gives him the right and free will to do so and have a clean conscience, to boot.

I for one am tired of the fear mongering that has taken place with both parties. The politicians of today walk the walk and talk the talk of their respective parties. Every politician is a patsy to someone with more power. Wether be a bank, an insurance company an ecology group, a union, a corporation you name it they are a patsy to some one. God forbid they go against the lobbiest who wine and dine them. They are all bought and paid for. This is the biggest reason why they flip-flop so much. The fear mongering is complete and udder manipulation of the people. If you don’t think the way they think you should think then you are bad. This is the level of the politician today.

Now I am not saying that Trump is moral or ethical I am not speaking to his character what I am saying is people have gotten so tired of the PC police that they are starving for someone to speak to what really goes on in Washington DC. The machine that runs this country is doing nothing but leaching off the American taxpayer with little to no return. We the people do not have a say in what happens with our hard-earned dollar that goes to Washington DC. The Trump is pointing out the issues that are wrong with our government and what better person to tell this to the American people than a big, big business man who has sat on the other side of the aisle of these politicians and fought for his business. The hoops that one must jump thru to do business in this country are enormous and no easy task to get things done.

People like a public figure to speak to the people like the people. Most politician use hyperbole when speaking to an issue. Most politicians water down their talking points in order to not offend anyone. Why has America become the country of namby-pamby people looking for entitlements, the easier softer way. A people who don’t know anything about history or what our country really stands for. In the words of Abe Lincoln “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, It will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

We have done just that. America is destroyed from within. No outside influence has done this. Sure you can say this country or that country is doing it or ISIS is doing it. What has actually happened is the people have not stood for anything. There is a right and wrong there is a rule of law. The offended have turned this country upside down, right is wrong, good is evil, bad is good and there is no law. True citizens of this great country have been so silenced that the weak are winning. The weak are the liars, cheats, criminal, offended, and entitled. Those that think you should think like they think in their eyes that’s freedom. Sorry that is no different from communism, socialism and ISIS.



Perfect example of how to destroy history to not offend someone!
Perfect example of how to destroy history to not offend someone!
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Mother of the CENTURY…

Best descrption ever!
Best description ever!

This is a wake up call to all parents who really care for their kids! More parents should be teaching their kids RIGHT from Wrong. This is a display of a she-bear who is righteously angry at what her own son was participating in. Yes, yes, yes. more parents need to step up and quit being afraid of the PC police that think this is wrong and that this mother, was in the wrong. Her kids will have a chance in life. At least she is doing something!