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Disconnect and retraining of the younger Generation…

Part of the UN Agenda 21/2030 is to educate the population. This includes the education of our children to save this planet. “Worship what is created” making sure our children and the general populace that our earth is so precious that the people on the planet should step aside and give mother earth her space. This is the plan so that people look at people as being the biggest problem to killing the earth. Making sure that the younger generations show the older generation how to lovingly take care of the earth.


Fascinatingly enough this is a perfect example of the disconnect between the younger generation and the past. The younger generation has been convinced they are the only ones that know how and why we should take care of the earth.

They are taught that recycling is one of the few things that will save the planet , that will in turn save people. That means telling people to turn water off, buy reusable bags for grocery shopping, use less gas (i.e. ride a bike) don’t walk off the trail you might kill a living organism, live in a smaller living unit,  be minimalist in your thinking and living choices. You see how it progressed from something physical you can do to an actual thought process.

An example of thought change and training kids into thinking like the Agenda 21/2030 plan is…. In Astoria, Oregon the schools are telling the young kids that if you are a fisherman, then you are a “MURDERER” a killer. Making kids afraid of their own fathers and grandfathers. Astoria has been a major fishing town for more than 100 years and fishing money helps support the town. Seafood is one of the most sot after food when visiting Astoria restaurants. Those same visitors are people who think that fishing commercially is wicked and wrong.

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This is the weird thinking that liberals have when they look at the environmental issues. It is the sheep mentality that has permeated our schools, movies and news.  The Agenda 21/2030 is methodically re-educating people. The environment is the most important thing for survival. Whose survival? is what I ask.

The disconnect between the generations is growing exponentially. The younger generation has no connection with the generation that did take care of the earth. We did not go buy something new because it quit working. We fixed it. We did not have all the plastic that is used today. We walked more. we did not need to buy the newest technology because it was new. We did not require the junk food that is processed, we cooked our own food. We did not through everything away because we needed something new. We supported local businesses. If we did not have the money we saved for what we needed. Cars were fixed and maintained, not thrown away because it doesn’t smell new or feel new.


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People world wide have had enough…


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Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Prague, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.



The people of these countries have had enough of the crimes being committed by the wave of immigrants that have no respect for the laws of these countries. The people in these countries are tired of the slap on the wrist that these perpetrators get for committing a crime against very young girls. Sometimes these crimes are being committed by 50 men on one victim. These countries have had enough of the madness that has invaded every part of their lives, all in the name of multiculturalism.

Speech is being criminalized. If you speak the truth you will be jailed, censored, banished, ostracized. Every part of Europe have been under suppression so long that the frustration  of not knowing whom will be insulted by a word that the truth can no longer be suppressed. The truth will no longer be silenced.

See the source imageThese revolutionary  protests have been kicked off, because the truth was being revealed by a reporter in the U.K, He was arrested for showing the truth. The truth needed to be squelched, scupper,  suppress · quelled · quashed · subdued · put down · put an end to · crushed · squashed · extinguished · stamped out · put a stop to · stopped · ended · nip in the bud · defeated · conquered · routed.


The world is saying enough!

small community life

This is coming to America if we don’t say NO….

Paul Weston – described here on Wikipedia as “far right”. If he is, then so are you.

via The Orwellian Jailing of Tommy Robinson — Law of Markets

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Teen texters and poor driving skills kill more than guns…..

via Attention teen protestors: YOUR texting and driving kills 269 times as many people as school shootings!

small community life

Texas ranchers may lose property to eminent domain water project – Free Range Report

Ranchers and farmers in North Texas are angered over the prospect of losing their land and homes through an eminent domain taking for a new reservoir. One rancher estimates that 200 people will los…

Source: Texas ranchers may lose property to eminent domain water project – Free Range Report

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Washington ranchers targeted by feds for traditional use of public lands – Free Range Report

“The government just has too many employees and too much money,” said Riley’s nephew, Chad Lindgren, who works Riley’s River Ranch. “They are not going to back down. They are not going to give in u…

Source: Washington ranchers targeted by feds for traditional use of public lands – Free Range Report

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Native American rancher arrested for grazing cattle on reservation faces 20 years

July 2016: another round up of Curtis’ cattle occurred. This time a little over 200 were taken, and many were left dead during the rush to round them up. The cattle were shipped to an eastern…

Source: Native American rancher arrested for grazing cattle on reservation faces 20 years