small community life

The Summer…Heavan on Earth!

The summers were heavenly on the farm. Granted  we were in a rain forest. The first four years we lived in Rosburg we received 140 inches of rain a year. Think of it 12 feet of water coming down on you. Of course not all at once but at least 9 months out of the year. Even with all that rain when the sun came out it was absolutely gorgeous. The greens were emerald and forest and lime and teal and every green in between. The colors of the azaleas were saturated. Purples and corals and pinks. The rhododendrons were huge and full. nothing like a rain forest with flowers. We had  rhododendrons 12 feet tall. I would prune them and they would grow a foot in just the spring. In summer I would trim another foot off of them after the blooms were gone, which usually lasted a month.

Grass was mowed 3 times a week.  Having free range chickens helped the front yard. Eating all the bugs and clipping the lawn after a few years having the chickens the front yard looked like a golf course. The chickens scratched up all the moss, which was a lot, when we moved in. When bugs emerged from the sod, the chickens would scoop them up like candy. The chickens ate the new tips of the grass, keeping the grass growing straight. eventually choking out weeds and unwanted grass. watching the front yard go from  a bare yard to a beautifully manicured lawn. The chickens would fertilize the lawn. The worms would come up at night, naturally aerating the lawn and clean up chicken droppings., a natural fertilizer.

We maintained about 2 acres of lawn. The field next to the house used to be for  hay. The first year in the house, a neighbor mowed the hay. This field became the playground for the kids. My son was to big of a kid to have a battery operated car so we got a sit-n-ride lawn mower instead. Taping a block on the pedal he could drive it all over the yard and field. We eventually put an above ground pool in the field and further out we put together a fire ring and set up a tent for the summer. Many a night we would sit at the fire and watch the stars and be serenaded by the frogs, and coyotes. The kids would often roll into their bags in the tent and sleep like logs.