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Where were you on 911?

English: Panorama of Portland, Oregon, United ...
English: Panorama of Portland, Oregon, United States in 1890. Mount Hood in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I awoke early that morning to the radio. I am accustomed to hitting the snooze button. After I hit the snooze button I realized what was being said. I tried in, my dreamy sleep, to turn the radio back on. Failing, I shot out of bed and ran into the TV room and turned on the TV. The picture before me shocked me. I was watching a picture of the first tower going down. My first thought was “not today”.

You see, we were getting up early, to head to Vancouver, to be the first e-file in Washington State for bankruptcy…

Always remember The reason..the people.. the devastation. The historical facts. We need to remember how and why our country came together on that day.

We entered the lawyer’s office and were seated told that our attorney was running late. As our attorney walked in he was in just a little shocked. You could see it on his face. He proceeded to tell me that he had just found out what happened. He went for his morning jog. His first order of business was to stop at the courthouse to file some papers. He thought it was eerily quiet. He walked up to the door to find that it was chained closed. He found out what happened when he walked into his office, just before joining us in his office. He told us that our e-file would take place the next day because of what happened. rightly so.

One moment I remember that day. We planned to stay Vancouver for the night. As we traveled thru that day, because of the proximity to Portland Oregon, The fighters flew over head. Every half hour that day a military fighter flew overhead. Something we found out later i, that every major city in the country was being monitored by our armed forces.

The thing I find interesting is no one really knows what is going on. The young kids I talked with today that were in their youth, during 911, think that we were hit by a foreign country. They compare it to Pearl Harbor. The understanding is that we are at war with a country. We are really at war with a faction.  A faction that has plans to do away with any christian nation not to mention the Jewish nation also. This faction really think that we the Americans need to submit and accept their rule.

I have rambled enough about this day to remember 911. We must pray. We must thank GOD we have a free society. We should no longer look to the government for answers to our own lives in this free society.