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Mitigation plan for solar farm in Nevada…

So we have some interesting revelations in the Nevada Solar Farm and the information that is on the mitigation plan. First what you must know is in the past when there has been an endangered species located on a piece of land, it has been a big controversy. Usually the “save the whatever bunch” come out in droves. Yet on this issue they have been extremely quiet and extremely absent.

The Desert Tortoise is resident on the land that will be used for the solar farm. They are thriving and doing well. BUT, and here comes the BUT, if the tortoise is relocated the land can be used. Yes I said relocated. In the case of the Spotted owl this species was not relocated in order to log. All logging had to stop. The endangered species act required the logging to no longer take place in the area defined by the “scientists” of the ecology bunch.

So we see the bottom line is that the mitigation fee for a 30 year plan will be $3,000,000.00 yes million.

A mitigation action plan is usually put together by NGO’s, GO’s and public input. Did the public have much if any input to this plan? So where is and how did a national conservation area get identified?

The following is taken directly from the Regional Mitigation Strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone


Proposed Mitigation Actions and Locations.

The Gold Butte ACEC is preliminarily recommended as the best recipient location for regional mitigation from the Dry Lake SEZ. This ACEC is located 32 miles (51 km) east of the Dry Lake SEZ

The total cost of affecting the protection of this
ACEC for 30 years, the expected term of a solar development right-of-way, is about $9 million. The
Gold Butte ACEC is about 350,000 acres, and the cost is about $25.92 per acre. The total mitigation fee
expected to be collected for the Dry Lake SEZ if full build-out of the 3,591 developable acres in the
SEZ occurs is approximately $6.6million (see Section 2.6).
Enough for now but ask yourself how much money does it take to save a desert tortoise. How many lively hoods are changed forever so that the Kyoto agreement is complete and how much land in the US has to be taken so that other countries can have enough carbon credits? How much money does conservation really require?
In any given situation when land is involved follow the money. Follow the money and you will find an under current of money that seems endless. Look closely at the mitigation plan, study it and you will find an enormous amount of money flowing into some pockets. It is not a drip it is a flood.
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Make everyone forget…..

The sad part about losing land to an ecology group, after fighting them for 4 years and getting no where. Even tho they had a grant approved, for the  asking price.  They send in a donor to buy the place which they did, then completely rearrange the place and remodel and build new and change everything. The color of the house, the plants around the house have been taken out completely. Big majestic trees have been cut down. You can no longer see the house from the street, there is a huge big *ss garage right in front. The fruiting majestic cherry tree in the back of the house has been butchered. The house has some new look to it. It is red and there are no longer out buildings near it. The old dutch barn has been flattened. No indication that it was even there.

Old Garage,  Trunk of the American Elm and Mick on the walkway to the house.
Old Garage, Trunk of the American Elm and Mick on the walkway to the house.

They did it right you might say. But what they did was wipe all memory of the big majestic house that was landscaped by master gardeners.

Azaleas in bloom in spring and holly tree. Rhodys just starting to bloom.
Azaleas in bloom in spring and holly tree. Rhododendrons just starting to bloom.

There is no evidence that the house had stood for 100 years. The big land mark yew bushes are gone.

Yew bushes in driveway
Yew bushes in driveway


The full azaleas that bloomed every year are gone. The big white house on the hill is no more.

The group stewarding the land made sure no one could quite remember the family or families that lived there.

There are reasons why we as people are to never forget….

The old way of doing things just might be right. The old way of having family and friends just might be the right way. Think about it… Think of the things your grandparents have seen and done. It was a simpler way of life yes. It was a hard life, yes. It was a romantic life yes. Things they owned lasted, didn’t they? Quality of life and things were better. If an old house stays in its original condition people remember!!?

People see the old and they start asking questions, they get curious? They want to know about the people who lived there? They want to know the history? Who it sold to? When and how? How log ago did they leave? And the curiosity goes on.

That’s why they (NGO’S) change the property dramatically so no one really knows to ask. They really are not sure if what they are looking at is what used to be.

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The beginning of the nightmare on Grays River…

We had been on the farm for a couple of years and were looking at drowning under doctor bills. My husband and I started talking about contacting the environmental groups about selling the development rights to our 60 acres.  To do so we would have to contact any ecology group to see if they would be interested.

I was very reluctant to do so. I had a father that worked in facilities at Boeing and knew all the hoops they had to jump thru to acquire a piece of property . In some cases they would buy a piece and find out that the ecology (save the…now bunch) would tie up the property in litigation. The ecology groups would not allow building due to a Heron nesting, or an eagle feeding or a duck squatting or a horse flying or some other thing or another that might or might not be on the endangered list. I had followed the tree huggers, the mother earthers, the hippie throw backs, the recycle fanatics and all the rest. Doing their sit ins or tree hanging or protesting just to protest (yeah man we’re livin’ the dream), the property destruction, Eco-terrorism and  whatever else they do. I had also followed the whole Global warming, ecology now, greenhouse gas threat,  the coming ice age, the endangered species spotted owl. Of course the country forgot about the spotted owl for a time, because of global warming, but the spotted owl is back in the news. Looks like the experts think killing off another species of owl will save the spotted owl. This is the thinking of the ever elite ecologist, biologist, geomorphologist and any other ‘ologist on the band wagon for saving the earth from what? The HUMAN!

Little did I know when we found the farm we were buying right in the middle of spotted owl country.