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Mudslide, They knew about it…

Snohomish county knew about what could happen and negligently did not do anything proactively. The county even allowed permits for building new homes. This is GROSS NEGLIGENCE and GROSS INCOMPETENCE.

proposed buyout

They knew about it and chose to not spend the money, WHY? Now look at the money they will have to spend. If they had spent the money and put the land into a mitigation bank this would not have killed people.

Yes they knew about the risk back as far as 2002 and more that likely some study done before 2002, paid for by tax dollars. But of course the insidiousness of this knowledge doesn’t is never talked about. Often in an Ecology sensitive area, the groups involved know about a lot of things that could be happening even orchestrating situations so that things can happen. This is so they can study the results. Then play the save the whatever card to keep studying and pushing forward their agenda.

The county chose not to spend upwards to $1.6 million to save lives. SO NOW HOW MUCH WILL THE COUNTY BE SPENDING?  GROSS NEGLIGENCE! INCOMPETENCE! The county of Snohomish should be held accountable! The real estate agents that sold the properties should be held accountable. The engineers who did not speak up loud enough to force a proactive action, should be held accountable! And no one should allow any of these people and organizations to kick the can around to avoid being held accountable.