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Timber Companies spraying Roundup??…


forest weed spraying
forest weed spraying


We were talking the other day about what is taking place on the coastal regions of Oregon and Washington. The timber companies have decide to spray the newly logged off hillsides with pesticides (similar to “Roundup”). You know the one!? Most Americans use it to kill off weeds on the sidewalks, driveways and patios. Yes that Roundup.

So of course the reasoning is that the underbrush that grows up, after a hillside is logged off, is competing too much with newly planted trees and so must be hindered. Brush like blackberries, grass, foxglove, young alder saplings, and other low growth. These pesticides (herbicides) don’t just fall from the delivery system they use they get picked up and drift with the wind. The intention is to spray on a newly planted hillside, BUT….   Where do you think it drifts to and what other animal and plant life get sprayed as well.


The elk herds in southwest Washington have hoof rot. Wonder what is causing that? Oregon and Washington are big states for the save the Salmon bunch and lots and lots of money has already been spent to help increase the salmon runs in all of the creeks and rivers that flow to the ocean. Gee, I wonder if more money will be spent to save the salmon for another 40 or 50 years. Looks like they will have to because now they have to study the salmon to see if they are being dwarfed, mutated and not spawning, or unable to.  And now the fish and wildlife people get to get money to study the elk to see why the hoof rot is happening. They will find mutations and other health problems with the wildlife.

What ever happened to, its illegal to spray dangerous herbicides and pesticides. With over-spray or wind drift, what is happening with the water supply? The water supply feeds water for human consumption as well as wildlife including bear, raccoon, squirrel, chipmunk, deer, elk, lynx, bobcat, mouse, salamander, frogs, bald eagle, osprey, salmon, trout,  beaver, moles, voles, the spotted owl (for gods sake), banana slug, snail, blue heron, woodpecker, Murrelet, Peregrine falcon, turtle,  goose, crane, Blue jay, hummingbirds, red tail hawk, goshawks, harrier hawk,  grouse,  wolves, coyote,  weasel,  mink, Bees, ferret plover, rabbit and many numerous insects. Look at this list and then compare it to the endangered species list and you will find quite a few on there. The eagle is a protected specie which carries an enormous fine but do they think of what the spray is doing to them? What about the precious wetland?

When did it become okay to spray something more dangerous than DDT???

seal with pups
seal with pups






This is happening internationally also! What will other countries do about this?


I am adding some information about roundup and what it is doing to people and wildlife. The effects on the forage or food source for wildlife DOES have adverse affects. The timber companies spraying t5his toxic chemical in order to allow trees to grow better and stronger is a myth. Please read the following articles about the dangers of glysophate (Roundup).

small community life

22 years ago today…

English: Tokeland Hotel, Tokeland, Washington,...
English: Tokeland Hotel, Tokeland, Washington, USA. The oldest resort hotel in the state of Washington, the building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: View of Astoria, Oregon, a wood engra...
English: View of Astoria, Oregon, a wood engraving published in Harper’s Weekly, May 30, 1868. Category:Images of Oregon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

22 years ago today we were married in Bethel Chapel in Issaquah Washington. The day was not cold it was overcast and there were a little light sprinkles. The only flaw in the day was my soon to walk down the aisle groom cut himself trying to open a window in the mens rooms of the church.


Our first-born just turned 21 exactly 2 weeks ago and our second one is finishing high school in her senior year.


22 years ago we started looking for a life not a drag living in a city. Our first stop on our honeymoon was the end of Lake Chelan ( Stehekan )in a cabin, overlooking the lake.


Our second stop was Tokeland, Wa.  on Willapa Bay. This is where we first read about the UN Earth Summit. We really did not realize how this would affect our life to come.


We spent time driving around south-west Washington seeing the area. It was the second week of October. We went to Astoria Oregon one night, the weather was so nice we could not believe it. We had 76 degree weather at 8 o’clock at night.


During this time we decided we would find a place to buy on the Washington side of the Columbia river.


We never thought we would live the journey that we have and you have just read about a small amount of this journey.


Read the rest of my posts to see……