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Weighing in on Duck Dynasty

Although I do not watch “Duck Dynasty” myself, I really think that it is ironic that a reality show is silencing someone on a reality show.

The people against Christianity, right and wrong, good and evil, the appropriate vs. the inappropriate, making right choices vs. don’t bother, and FREE SPEECH. Silencing everything they don’t like, or better yet what they don’t like about themselves. Our country was founded on a people who had a public norm of right and wrong, good and evil, appropriateness and a value that lived and breathed in our society. Those that really don’t like themselves are trying to silence those that really like and love themselves as well as other people. people with real love for others, also have an equal amount of love for themselves.

Getting rid of Phil, shows that big business is pandering to those that do not love themselves enough to accept free speech. They feel that something written thousands of years ago is not a  good thing to quote,  or shape your beliefs by. Yet those that want to silence free speech, will form their beliefs on psychology written hundreds of years ago about evolution.

Straight people used to be accused of Homo phobia, now Gay and Lesbian community is showing signs of being hetero phobic. They really have lost their senses, when they want to close up, shut up a reality show that is real.

If the statements were actually hate speech then everything that this country was founded on must be censored. I never see the censoring of rappers when they encourage bad behavior, poor choices and down right criminal behavior. Their response is “rap is an art form”. If that is the case then Duck Dynasty is an art form also.

rs_293x386-131220093602-634.bristol-palin-facebook-phil-robertson-122013picture taken from facebook I am sorry I did not get the name of the person that posted this.  I got to excited about this picture. I totally agree with this picture “shame on A & E”.

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Costumes not allowed…

Could someone please tell me what  a “white trash”  costume is? The PC police are at it again. They just have to be defensive about even the most minute injury to someone anyone. The PC (politically correct. Just need to get a life. Do you think our founding fathers had to think about what not to say before they said it. There is not enough truth in PC’ism.