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Political Correctness, the PC police, is it dieing…

Appropriateness of this cartoon is uncanny! Silence the perceived offensiveness!
Appropriateness of this cartoon is uncanny! Silence the perceived offensiveness!

I find it interesting that if you point out to people, that Donald Trump is speaking plain english, they think you are completely mad. The same people think that he is an idiot!? Really? If he was such an idiot then why is he such a rich man? Is it because he is just lucky? Not! Is it because he’s a moron! I don’t think so.! Is it because he has a sugar daddy by his side? Not on your life. Is it because he was born with a silver spoon? Maybe! Is it because he bucks the system? Possibly! Is it because someone else is carrying him! Bless your heart if you think so.

The biggest message is that he speaks NON politically correct. He speaks to the people the way the people speak. Main stream Americans know that lifetime career politicians lie. Everyday Americans are tired of the lieing politician. Everyday Americans are tired of the few dictating our lives. With this regulation and that regulation. They are tired of the poor victim who gets their own way because they are offended by brown bag, or peanut butter and jelly, or maybe laptop or computer. Maybe even offended by someone else owning something they don’t own like land or a certain type of car/house.

The Trump is speaking to the people who are tired of the invasive language the press use when asking questions. They are tired of seeing the incorrect be correct. They are tired of the liars getting their own way.

The regular everyday American who is trying to raise a family and hang onto the America that our forefathers founded are tired of seeing America become a cesspool of victims, loafers, free loaders and con-men/women. These same Americans have been promised things by politicians, sometimes for 30 years that they will do something for the American people and it never happens. These same politicians tell everyone what they want to hear while campaigning, then when they get into office they completely ignore the American people.  They dupe the American people into thinking that they will make the changes that will help the American people. What have any of them done to help the American people?  The answer is squat.

Donald Trump speaks literal. Donald Trump is speaking with out all the political correct politeness. He also speaks without the filter that the political parties mandate. Political correctness creates fear mongering. Political correctness panders to the feel sorry for me bunch. Political correctness takes choices away from the American people. Political correctness is destroying the American.

I like the people who talk about the Trump flip-flopping on issues. Number one everyone has in their lifetime, it’s called “changing your mind”. Everyone does it! Politicians are not supposed to do it because they are to represent the people of our land. Trump has not been in government office. That gives him the right and free will to do so and have a clean conscience, to boot.

I for one am tired of the fear mongering that has taken place with both parties. The politicians of today walk the walk and talk the talk of their respective parties. Every politician is a patsy to someone with more power. Wether be a bank, an insurance company an ecology group, a union, a corporation you name it they are a patsy to some one. God forbid they go against the lobbiest who wine and dine them. They are all bought and paid for. This is the biggest reason why they flip-flop so much. The fear mongering is complete and udder manipulation of the people. If you don’t think the way they think you should think then you are bad. This is the level of the politician today.

Now I am not saying that Trump is moral or ethical I am not speaking to his character what I am saying is people have gotten so tired of the PC police that they are starving for someone to speak to what really goes on in Washington DC. The machine that runs this country is doing nothing but leaching off the American taxpayer with little to no return. We the people do not have a say in what happens with our hard-earned dollar that goes to Washington DC. The Trump is pointing out the issues that are wrong with our government and what better person to tell this to the American people than a big, big business man who has sat on the other side of the aisle of these politicians and fought for his business. The hoops that one must jump thru to do business in this country are enormous and no easy task to get things done.

People like a public figure to speak to the people like the people. Most politician use hyperbole when speaking to an issue. Most politicians water down their talking points in order to not offend anyone. Why has America become the country of namby-pamby people looking for entitlements, the easier softer way. A people who don’t know anything about history or what our country really stands for. In the words of Abe Lincoln “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, It will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

We have done just that. America is destroyed from within. No outside influence has done this. Sure you can say this country or that country is doing it or ISIS is doing it. What has actually happened is the people have not stood for anything. There is a right and wrong there is a rule of law. The offended have turned this country upside down, right is wrong, good is evil, bad is good and there is no law. True citizens of this great country have been so silenced that the weak are winning. The weak are the liars, cheats, criminal, offended, and entitled. Those that think you should think like they think in their eyes that’s freedom. Sorry that is no different from communism, socialism and ISIS.



Perfect example of how to destroy history to not offend someone!
Perfect example of how to destroy history to not offend someone!
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Weighing in on Donald Trump…

I have watched Donald Trump for many years. What I see is someone who sees this country is no longer the “American Dream”. A big reason why is due to the PC police, Political Correctness that every one is forced to endure from what ever side wants to make in an issue. What Donald Trump is and can do well is talk without all the Political correctness. He also is telling on the politicians that walk the fine line of political correctness. When in fact they are big liars when they follow political correct lines of talking points. Is there a politician out there that will openly talking about what really goes on with world trade deals. What is really going on with political deals with other countries. Do we have any other politician talking about why jobs have been disappearing from this country?

Donald Trump is not manipulating the press. The press is manipulating the press. The press is talking like this is a betting pool at the office. Everyone has an opinion and those that have been indoctrinated into the life of absolute political correctness absolutely hate Donald Trump.


A lot of jealousy for this man who cannot be bought by anyone! Neither side of the political arena like this at all.  Both parties could learn a lot from how he talks

Donald Trump is not Politically Correct!!



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Snow day no more…”Ban Sledding, really?….

No_Sledding_SignPolitical correctness has taken another leap into the lives of children. Municipalities now want to ban sledding.

Why in the world you ask? Parents no longer teach their kids how to be safe. Parents are lazy and shirking parenting. Parents would rather look like the all American family than actually act like one.

The sledding ban often comes on the heels of a lawsuit. I think in most cases an injury is cause by negligent human error.

I remember growing up the one that got hurt was the class clown looking for attention, or the “I don’t like anyone” kid. The reason they got hurt usually is because they did something stupid. Both these types of kids often were growing up in a home that was seriously dysfunctional(family abuse, drug use, alcohol abuse) Or just plain old ignorance, on the part of the parents.

The dumbing down of American society has got to stop! This dumbing down has become child abuse. Parents no longer teach their own kids any values and principles. (partially because they have none). Kids are being abuse all across the country by no being taught the basics of how to be safe in public. How to be an individual and not a sheep. How to stand up for oneself.

So the day comes when the snow flys and school is out what do they do. They go out to sled without the proper tools to behave and bang someone gets hurt. Some times it is intentional. Kids all across this country are angry, really angry.

One really exciting time when I was a kid was sledding on the big hill when or if it snowed enough. I grew up in the Seattle area and in my youth it would snow enough to pull the sled out. All the kids in the neighborhood would go to the one street with the biggest steepest hill.

We were taught by our parents that being out playing you watched out for yourself and others and playing would be fun. You just did it. It wasn’t a political correct thing to do. You did not have to have a parent supervising to make sure all was well. There was no need to have an organized event.

On the hill would be kids of all ages even parents came to join in the fun. Everyone watched out for each other. It was just second nature to watch out for each other. The parents all knew it was a risk to let us sled on the street. Drivers all knew there would be kids on that hill, so they either avoided it or drove very cautiously.

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Weighing in on Duck Dynasty

Although I do not watch “Duck Dynasty” myself, I really think that it is ironic that a reality show is silencing someone on a reality show.

The people against Christianity, right and wrong, good and evil, the appropriate vs. the inappropriate, making right choices vs. don’t bother, and FREE SPEECH. Silencing everything they don’t like, or better yet what they don’t like about themselves. Our country was founded on a people who had a public norm of right and wrong, good and evil, appropriateness and a value that lived and breathed in our society. Those that really don’t like themselves are trying to silence those that really like and love themselves as well as other people. people with real love for others, also have an equal amount of love for themselves.

Getting rid of Phil, shows that big business is pandering to those that do not love themselves enough to accept free speech. They feel that something written thousands of years ago is not a  good thing to quote,  or shape your beliefs by. Yet those that want to silence free speech, will form their beliefs on psychology written hundreds of years ago about evolution.

Straight people used to be accused of Homo phobia, now Gay and Lesbian community is showing signs of being hetero phobic. They really have lost their senses, when they want to close up, shut up a reality show that is real.

If the statements were actually hate speech then everything that this country was founded on must be censored. I never see the censoring of rappers when they encourage bad behavior, poor choices and down right criminal behavior. Their response is “rap is an art form”. If that is the case then Duck Dynasty is an art form also.

rs_293x386-131220093602-634.bristol-palin-facebook-phil-robertson-122013picture taken from facebook I am sorry I did not get the name of the person that posted this.  I got to excited about this picture. I totally agree with this picture “shame on A & E”.